ASU to focus on student protection

By Hector Gomez

East Los Angeles Colleges Associated Student Union has made it a main focus this semester to protect students from any issues or concerns when dealing with Federal Immigration on or off campus. ASU is committed to advocate students for their well being at ELAC and help them on their path to receive a higher education.

One of the main goals for Associated Student Union board this semester has been to have a full understanding with all information processed to students, professors and faculty .

“We want all our students at ELAC to have that sense of belonging because it’s really important. We want everyone to feel comfortable attending school. We want everyone to gain whatever skills they choose to learn, want students to become involved, and mainly be aware of all the resources ELAC can provide for them to become a self advocate,”ASU President Aurora Paredes said.

ASU board and all school clubs have been in communication regarding events that have taken place and questions on how students should act upon throughout this Spring semester.

The Los Angeles Community College District has created a group named Dreamers Task Force, which is represented by four faculty members and students from each campus.

Once a month, members attend a district meeting to discuss student needs and the information that should be passed on to them.

Under the political climate students have encountered with our new president, LACCD has created an article in English and Spanish titled “Know Your Rights” which is posted on the LACCD webpage.

The guidelines provide students with information on how to protect themselves and their families in the event of federal immigration officials requesting information from students, regardless of one’s immigration status.

Information has also been established on the website in case any ICE officials are seen on campus. In case any issue occurs, LACCD wants all students to feel safe attending school and continue their education. “I’ve noticed in our students that these type of situations don’t bring them down and they keep going and they want to keep pursuing a higher education. That’s exactly what we want from everyone, to feel comfortable coming to school.” said Paredes.

It has been a focus not just at ELAC, but at all nine community colleges in the LACCD. ”

Our professors are there to support all of us students and we have really seen it. It’s something we admire and thankfully everyone we work with really cares about the students. Many professors have taken time and offered their help to students and it’s something we have to acknowledge.

We have that at ELAC and students feel that support.” said Paredes. This helps out all students protect themselves whether they are undocumented or not and has shown the care and support toward all students.

With nearly 40,000 students at ELAC, it also services the largest number of undocumented students in the district. LACCD has taken action to help all students continue their education without any worries or interruptions.

ELAC Dream Resource Center on campus is available for all students. It provides them with an opportunity to present issues and problems in order to receive information and advice. 

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