Parking negligence affects students

By Roslin Ojeda 

Taking a few seconds to make sure your vehicle is properly parked takes little effort but can make all the difference.

Pulling into the parking structure, the clock on the dashboard reads 7p.m.

Class has already begun and finding available parking is going to be a nightmare.

As you proceed through each level of the parking structure, the frustration begins to grow. After rising a few levels through the structure, you spot an available space close by.

As you begin an attempt to park the realization that the car next to you is overlapping its space begins to get in the way.

No attempt would allow someone to park properly without the consequence of denting a door. A long sigh of frustration escapes as the never-ending parking struggle continues.

Students who drive to school are all too familiar with the previous scenario. Every semester the struggle for parking is seen in student’s faces as one makes there way through the parking structures.

The East Los Angeles College website states that it had a student population of more than 25,000 students in 2015.

Although not all students are on campus at all times of the day, there are still a significant number of vehicles present in the parking structures. Getting in and out of the parking structures is already a nightmare. Using all the spaces appropriately makes it easier for everyone to find room in these crowded structures .

Individuals need to realize that they are not the only ones in a hurry to get to class.

If people took the time to park properly, they would reduce the amount of frustration over the fight for a parking spot. When students park improperly,it creates more traffic within the structure, causing students to lose patience and begin to drive erratically.

The last thing anyone wants when they return from class is to realize they cannot open their door because the car next to them has greatly crossed the parking boundary. Even worse would be to see a dent on the door because a driver was being careless.

It may not seem like a big deal to cause a small dent on someone else’s door, but it is considered property damage. Property damage is defined as an injury to real or personal property through another’s negligence, willful destruction or by some act of nature.

The party at fault is financially responsible for any costs brought on by their negligence. Although some people may think they can simply walk away, they run the risk of someone witnessing the incident and informing the owner of the damaged vehicle.

If damage has been done to personal property and the party at fault walks away without identifying themselves, it is considered a misdemeanor.

The person is in direct violation of California Vehicle Code Section 20002. In the end, it all appears to be one big headache that can be avoided.

Now, there could be a simple solution to help put a stop to those that believe they can park however they wish. Why not put a small fine on students who do not take the time to properly park?

I’m not talking something irrational, more along the lines of $20.

Once students begin to see that the school is in fact trying to help make a change, perhaps they will finally start to be more considerate of others.

It is easy to overlook something that can be seen as no big deal, but people must realize that it can also be done to them.

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