Career day to help students explore future

By Tiana Hunter 

The Administration of Justice Department will have a career day workshop on April 25, in the main quad between buildings E3 and E7.

The department has held this event for 15 years to give students the opportunity to explore the careers they could possibly have with an administration of justice degree.

Siage Hosea, an administration of justice professor, is this year’s event organizer.

“This event is significant because students don’t always know what opportunities are out there. Many people aren’t aware of the other opportunities in police agencies,” Hosea said.

The purpose of the event is to educate students on the plethora of opportunities offered through Administration of Justice Department. Students will become aware of how a degree in administration of justice can lead to careers in law, in law enforcement, corrections and forensics.

They will also have the fire department there to educate students on their career opportunities.

Students will be informed on the job possibilities in police agencies such as, juvenile justice counselors, an employment counselor and the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

“This is such a great event for both our students and potential employers from within the criminal justice system,” said Patrick Hauser, the Department Chair of Administration of Justice.

Thirty-five of the agencies that are going to be at the event are hiring. These agencies include Oakland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego Police Departments.

The event gives all ELAC students who are interested the chance to gain jobs in those fields in the future. It also gives students insight on how much schooling they need for certain careers in administration of justice.

Students will have the chance to speak to people in higher positions to network and make connections.

“Our students get the opportunity to speak face-to-face with professionals working within these careers and to ask questions of a real person, and the potential employers that participate in Career Day get access to some of the best candidates available anywhere for those positions they are hoping to fill. It’s truly a winwin scenario for all involved,” said Hauser.

This event will provide sufficient information that could be essential for students who want to earn their degree in administration of justice but don’t want to pursue a policing job or career says Hosea.


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