‘Fate of the Furious’ delivers more over the top action

By Ivan Cazares and Johanna Calderon 

“The Fate of the Furious” is a sensational thriller that will keep audiences in suspense and guessing what will happen next.

The film will not disappoint fans invested in the franchise and characters.

However, the film will not make someone a fan if they haven’t liked previous entries in the franchise.

It delivers more over-the-top action and cheesy lines that have become synonymous with the franchise. Vin Diesel delivers a good performance and perfectly portrays his signature character Dominic Toretto It’s obvious that the entire cast is comfortable with their roles and have great chemistry.

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham have a comedic dynamic and the banter between the two action stars is entertaining. There are several character from the previous films that make a return.

This will make the plot convoluted for newcomers, because some of these characters haven’t been seen for two entries in the franchise. However, invested fans will enjoy filing in their friends who aren’t as invested.

The film knows its audience and doesn’t take itself to seriously. There are scenes straight out of the Marvel cinematic universe, which will probably be divisive.

Some fans might say these scenes crossed the line of ridiculousness. Moviegoers looking for realism and who expect vehicles to obey the laws of physics should stay away from this film.

The car chases are numerous, intense and full of adrenaline. Fans who watch these films for the cars will not be disappointed.

Toretto is given more coveted muscle cars to thrash around in. Though the franchise isn’t focused on street racing anymore, the cars continue to be the main attraction.

Featured cars range from popular Japanese imports, military vehicles and Italian supercars that are put in ridiculous situations. The film does a good job of tastefully acknowledging the death of former cast member Paul Walker.

Fans will be satisfied with the subtle homage to Walker at the end of the film. The film continues the franchise’s tradition of putting an emphasis on family.

Family is Toretto’s main driving force. However, it beats audiences over the head with the concept.

The $532 million the film made on opening night is proof that fans haven’t had enough of the franchise and we’re likely to have a 9th entry because of this.


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