Fighting the silence at home

By Felipe Rodriguez

Domestic violence is a serious issue in the Latino community and many of these cases simply go unheard. Documented or not, reporting domestic violence is an essential response everyone needs to take part in.

One common response to domestic violence is that people are afraid that they will be deported if they report any disturbances.

Although this generation is scared by the actions of the current presidential administration, it is important to understand that there is help for these situations.

While non-Latinos in the U.S. have minor issues with finding help with these problems, Latinos have even more barriers that limit them from finding help.

According to the National Latina Network, 1 in 3 Latina’s experience domestic violence in some form.

They also state that 50 percent of these cases go unnoticed due to the fact that many of the victims are undocumented. Apart from being undocumented, many latinos fear that their children will be removed during these types of events.

Although many of these events go unheard to authorities, victims usually resort to other family members for help, which can create more issues within the family.

It is incredibly difficult in some cases because family and community is such an important staple in a Latino household.

Turning against family values can have a huge negative impact on their lives and it’s common as to why people never report these events.

Finding help, whether it’s from the authorities or local organizations, changes everything for the better.

It promotes gender equality and allows latinas in these hostile households to finally have a voice. Some organizations that can help with problems relating to domestic violence are Casa de Esperanza and Ayuda.

Casa de Esperanza is one of many organizations that host and promote domestic violence awareness. This organization’s webpage offers useful information and an anonymous hotline that can be called 24 hours a day. Just like Casa de Esperanza, Ayuda is another organization that offers the same resources and promotes domestic violence awareness.

If technology is not available , there is also more local help in the community that is accessible to everybody. The East Los Angeles Women’s Center is another great place that anyone who has been affected can get help.

This organization is local and are professional with handling these situations With such a large number of people in our community affected, enough is enough.

These statistics demonstrate a big issue in our community and it is important that everyone acknowledges it. Domestic violence affects everyone, whether it’s neighborhoods or households.

Reporting domestic violence not only helps resolve the issue, but it gives victims the chance to be heard. Don’t let these cases go unnoticed.

Centers like Casa de Esperanza are there to help anyone’s situation and will offer the resources needed to overcome boundaries. To find out more, visit the East Los Angeles Women’s Center which is located at 1431 S. Atlantic Blvd

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