Financial aid office hosts ‘Awareness Day’

By Rogelio Alvarez 

The Financial Aid Office is hosting a Financial Aid Awareness Day where students can ask questions and receive information on financial aid today in front of the E3 Building from noon to 2 p.m.

Financial aid staff will be at the event ready to assist any students. Light refreshments will be provided and students can participate in a scavenger hunt where they can win prizes.

“When we do events, we try to offer some incentives for students to get them to come. We try to get (students) to interact and not be afraid to ask questions,” financial aid director Lindy Fong said.

The scavenger hunt is a questionnaire where students are required to ask a financial aid technician a question from the questionnaire regarding financial aid.

The more responses student get the more prizes they’ll be eligible to receive, which include T-shirts, pizza and even USB drives.

The Financial Aid Awareness Day is part of a district-wide effort to reach out to students who have questions on a variety of financial aid issues. “We do a little comparison with (the other campuses) and see what we can do better,” Fong said.

It is held every semester and is part of a series of workshops hosted by financial aid every month.

“We try to host some type of event once a month. Last month we had the financial aid town hall, this month we have financial aid awareness and next month we have the financial aid transfer awareness,” Fong said.

Gladys Rodriguez, financial aid technician, helped planned the event and noticed that having the event in front of the E3 building has brought more students.

“We’re having it at noon because that’s the time a lot of students get out of class,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said that the financial aid office sent out a mass email to students promoting the the financial aid awareness event.

“Students have the chance to collect some questions they might have and they can come and ask us,” Rodriguez said.

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