Workshop serves as awakening for athletes

By Stephanie Guevara 

The athletic department educated student athletes on the repercussions of sexual assault and its impact on others in the only workshop of its kind within the Los Angeles Community College District.

Every semester, the East Los Angeles College Athletic Department holds a mandatory workshop to expose its athletes on the effects of sexual assault and what it does to a person.

Athletic director Al Cone said on Friday at the South Gym. that athletes should be aware of this matter because it is the most unreported crime in the U.S.

“We are basically the flagship for our district. No one else in the district does this for athletes. Just the East Los Angeles College Athletic Department…. Many student athletes believe that no one ever says no to them and they need to learn that they are not above the law,” Cone said.

Steve Izenstark, director of nonprofit organizations As a Team and Probation Opportunity Programs, gave athletes biological explanations. 

FILING IN—Student athlethes interact and fill out a survey after being educated on sexual
harassment and consent at the ELAC South Gym on Friday. C/N Ivan Cazares

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