Modern film audiences lack etiquette

By Francisco Portillo

Movie theater crowds have devolved into such an obnoxious crowd of narcissistic people, whose entitled actions and impulsiveness can really ruin the movie going experience.

A large percentage of the people who go out to theaters to watch movies are genuinely excited to see the movie and will respect the unwritten rules of being in the crowd.

However, a small percentage of moviegoers lack common sense and apparently never learned how to behave while out in public.

As a hard core movie lover, movie theaters are one of my favorite places to be.

While I enjoy watching movies at home, nothing can replicate the experience of seeing the movie in a theater. 2017 is going to be a year packed with highly anticipated films such as the long-awaited sequel to the “Guardians of the Galaxy,” or “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” With so many Hollywood blockbusters coming out this year, the movie theater is going to be a very busy place.

The early releases in the year such as Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” or Universal Pictures’ “Get Out,” have already done big business.

With larger crowds in movie theaters, it leaves more of a possibility for audience members to act like complete savages who lack common sense or politeness.

With the prices for movie tickets becoming so expensive, audience members have begun to feel more entitled to their own personal experiences.

Throughout the movie, people will carry on full conversations with each other or use their cell phones, distracting the other audience members in the room.

In a dark movie theater, the bright illumination of people’s phones becomes very hard to ignore as the crowd’s excitement builds.

Some people are recording clips of the movies for their social media audiences or forget to put their phones on silent. It has become ridiculous how some people just can’t be without their precious phones for more than an hour.

It’s as if they need their phones for oxygen. Cell phones aren’t the only nuisance in a movie theater. The people who comment on every scene or try to show off their knowledge to their friends are far worse.

It can become quite annoying to miss important information because of the distractions of those who are talking. Please be considerate to others and be quiet.

Perhaps it is the rising popularity of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu that conditioned audience members to be this way.

In this new age of entertainment, the population has become so segmented that some people are no longer considerate to the experiences of others.

Reporting these individuals to the staff members in the theater is far worse than taking care of the issue yourself.

If an employee comes into the theater, of course the distractions will cease. It isn’t until they leave the theater that they resume. Unfortunately, movie theaters don’t have the luxury to have an employee in all of the auditoriums at all times.

Regardless, people need to stop being so self-centered and learn how to behave in dark, quiet places.

The attitudes of some of the parents in the crowd are rubbing off on their offspring, creating another generation of inconsiderate people.

If you’re going to a movie stay quiet, put your phones away and enjoy the experience for two hours.

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