Vinyl records add quality in sound

By Felipe Rodriguez

Although Vinyl seems pretty out dated, this audio format is the best way to listen to music.

This format encourages listeners to fully understand an album and brings more respect to the artistry of putting an album together.

Vinyl is an analog sound storage medium in the form of a flat polyvinyl chloride disc with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove.

Many people recognize them as big CDs but are quite clueless as to how great they are to listen to. With modern technology giving everyone the capability of listening to any kind music at just a click of a button, it’s hard to believe that people actually used to have to go to the store and buy music.

When CDs and the Internet were introduced to the world, engineers had to figure out a way to upload music into these new formats in the most minimal way possible.

While doing so, many of these new formats compressed music to the point where some things become inaudible and bring down the quality of re-released music.

It wasn’t until CDs and the Internet came along that people changed the way people listened to music. This huge change in technology changed the outlook on audio formats. Some formats, like cassette ,completely died out and have seen little light in the current music scene.

Vinyl, however, has actually gained a big audience due to current labels pushing for their production.

Independent labels like Sacred Bones, Captured Tracks, Burger Records, Stones Throw and SideOneDummy have been bringing back vinyl and are introducing more young people to different analog formats.

These labels have been a big part to the current rise in vinyl sales and are helping to keep record stores alive. They have also inspired young people to collect vinyl. Newer generations are now buying, collecting, and even trading these old forms of music and have realized why these formats are so great.

The quality of sound vinyl produces surpasses any other audio format. Due to the high sensitivity in these formats, many tracks have more space that allow it to include more sounds in a song than can be heard digitally or on a CD.

Another positive aspect of this rise in Vinyl collecting is the new found appreciation of the artistry that is put into making a record. With iPods and other music platforms, like Spotify, people get overwhelmed with such a huge variety of music and usually skip among different artists.

People don’t really get a full sense of the artists’ music and just recognize them for their big hits– a pretty dull way to learn about an artist. Vinyl makes people have to sit down and truly listen to an artist’s masterpiece.

Many vinyl albums also include things like lyric sheets and photo books that help people picture the process and the messages these artists try to convey.

Although vinyl may seem old and outdated, everyone must realize that this format of music is incredibly rich in sound and allows people to truly appreciate an artist’s work.

C/N Steven Adamo

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