Musical to additionally feature a live band and puppets

By: Clementina Arias

Little Shops of Horrors Preview

East Los Angeles College presents the musicsal, “Little Shops of Horrors,” which will run from May 19th to the 21st, and through May 26th to the 28th at the Proscenium Theater. Tickets are available outside of the black box theater for $12 general, $15 at the door, or $10 for a Associated Student Union discount availble in P2-101. Stage manager, Stephanie Lopez described it as “bright and fun meets Sweeney Todd.”

Lopez manages the play, design, and the actors side by side with the play director Will Pellegrini.

‘Little Shops of Horrors’ is based on a film about a flesh-eating plant. Will Pellegrini, the play director, chose ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ because it is one of his favorite musicals.“[Pellegrini] has had this film on his bucket list and is very excited to direct this film,” Lopez said.

There will be 11 actors, five puppeteers, two of which are playing multiple roles in the musical.

“This ‘Shop of Horrors’ isn’t as bright and fun, but this ‘Little Shops of Horror’ is dirty, grimy, and scary, the only fun and happy part is the dialogue,” said Lopez.

The musical will feature a live band, singing, dancing, puppets, blood and zombies. Lopez said, there will be a “flesh eating plant and it’s a huge, humongous puppet.” The flesh eating puppet was created by Shaun Cawelti, a puppet maker bunraku. Bunraku puppetry is a form of Japanese puppet theater. “You will completely forget there is a person behind the plant,” said Lopez.

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