Dual threat athlete runs down scholarship

By: Julio Sanchez 

Shiloh Jordan is on his way to Chowan University in North Carolina with an athletic scholarship three years after leaving his home and moving to California.

At 21, Jordan, realized that if he stayed in Baltimore Maryland, there would be no progress towards his goals in life.

“It was an unpleasant situation, where I felt like I wasn’t living up to my full potential. That’s when I decided to leave to California,” said Jordan.

Jordan became a member of the East Los Angeles College football team.

Jordan plays the running back position, as well as the punt and kick return specialist.

Jordan has seen both sides of winning and losing.

He played a season where his team had a record of two wins and eight losses.

Conversely, the next season, Jordan’s team had nine wins and two losses.

“Jordan would contribute a lot to the team,” said Jordan’s teammate, Antiose Fields.

“He would contribute in more ways than one. He’d complete touchdown runs, blocks, interceptions, but the main thing he would contribute to the team is energy.”

“Every time we’re in the huddle, he would know what to say to make us feel energized and ready to go.”

Jordan’s love for the game has him exceeding his limits and expectations.

Jordan gives his blood, sweat, and tears to the game, because he knows that it’s what he has to do in order to become a great athlete.

He is currently creating the life he wants to live even though there have been some hiccups along the way. Jordan has had to struggle with the costs of being an out-of-state student and not having a place to live.

Jordan also had the misfortune of being exploited on more than one occasion by his roommate who would take his half of the rent money and use it for his own personal use.

He said his struggles have helped him stay motivated and dedicated to move forward.

That is why he rides his bike for eight miles from downtown Los Angeles to ELAC just to make it to football practice to keep improving his skills.

“The whole situation of being offered a scholarship seems too surreal. Having someone call you and say ‘I want you to play for me,’ is crazy,” Jordan said.

Jordan said that he is trying to go “all the way.”

He is hoping to get drafted to the NFL.

“This whole situation has made me feel thankful, blessed and humble. I know I put in a lot of hard work, but I can always put in more because there is always room for improvement,” said Jordan.

Shiloh Jordan is set to leave for Chowan University in North Carolina on June 10 after graduating from ELAC this spring

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