ELAC lacks creative clubs that aren’t academic

Students who enter college often times want to get into a club that they are interested in, and most times it’s not an academic one they’re looking for.

Students have a lot of clubs to choose from at school, but many of them don’t allow you to get creative.

East Los Angeles College offers clubs that go along with students’ majors, but they should offer more creative clubs like dance, art or theater.

Students should start clubs that people who like music or photography can join. Clubs that can be fun and can teach you things and maybe even help you figure out your future. From the list of clubs available at ELAC, such as the American sign language club, the math club and the English club, it looks like our school is  lacking more fun and creative clubs.

Everyone is interested in different things and not every club will be for every student, but there should be more club choices.

Clubs can be a great way for students to meet people with similar interests and it can help a person get out of their shell.

There are so many clubs that can be started, and students should go to the student council and pitch some club ideas; it might just help people make friends and make someone feel like less of an outsider.


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