Additional shuttle can improve transportation to campus

By: Edgar Rodriguez

The Gold Line is not a convenient transportation option for students.

If the school were to provide a shuttle bus to go back and forth from the Gold Line station, then transportation would be more convenient for students who use it.

Several students rely on the Atlantic Gold Line Station which opened November 5, 2009 to get to East Los Angeles College.

There are many buses that stop at the ELAC Transit Mall that transport students to and from ELAC that is conveniently located on campus.

But this is one bus that many students still need.

When the station opened, many students started to use the Gold Line to get to campus.

According to Google Maps, students will spend approximately 16 minutes walking from the Atlantic station to campus.

This walk is very dangerous because students have to cross entrances and exits off the Pomona Freeway.

There is already a shuttle that goes to the South Gate Educational Center. Hypothetically, a Gold Line shuttle could use the South Gate shuttle bus stop at the transit mall, or it could use a bus stop at ELAC’s main entrance.

By providing a shuttle bus, students will not have to walk to the Gold Line anymore. They would instead hop on and off the shuttle.

The shuttle bus should also be free for students.

If enough students that use the Gold Line write to ELAC president Marvin Martinez and to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority, students might get the shuttle.

President Martinez could work with the Los Angeles Community College District board of trustees and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority to get a shuttle running to the Gold Line for ELAC students as soon as possible.

Students should also attend the board of trustees meetings to speak with board officials.

Since there is strength in numbers, one student will not be enough to convince the board that a shuttle is needed.

Students who use the Gold Line should form a group and go to the board of governor’s meetings together to speak with the board about a getting the shuttle.

The meetings are held in the district, which is located in downtown Los Angeles at 770 Wilshire Boulevard.

A board meeting will be held on June 7 at Los Angeles City College from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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