The healthy food crisis occuring on our campus

POOR CHOICE—A variety of junk food options in the Grab N’ Go cafeteria is available to The

By: Gisselle  Palomera

The Grab n’ Go on campus promotes unhealthy eating habits and limits healthy choices.

With available food such as microwave burritos, instant ramen and chips, students’ only options are to eat unhealthy.

Martie Trevino, a first- year East Los Angeles College student, said, “I think there definitely needs to be better options, for example more vegan options or even just healthier options and not just microwave food.”

It begs the question: Who is responsible for such limited options?

In charge of ELAC’s cafeteria and Grab n’ Go is the Los Angeles Community College District board of trustees, which fail to recognize the health risks associated with junk food.

The board refuses to assign staff members to run the kitchen in the cafeteria because if the board has one kitchen running, they have to have all nine colleges operating their kitchens.

An update regarding construction on campus was posted to ELAC’s website on June of 2014.

In the update, the section on the Campus Student Center/Bookstore Complex said the project was approximately 38 percent completed, and the budget cost was $26,565,056.

With more than a $26 million budget, shouldn’t it seem like students should have better quality food to eat than Hot Pockets and basic salads?

Students have different diets, like those who don’t eat meat, are allergic to peanuts or who need a kosher meal.

The Grab n’ Go has a predominant selection of chips, candy bars, sugary drinks and breakfast breads.

These selections are not enough for those students spending hour son campus with a limited amount of time between classes to eat.

Selling snacks at ELAC is not a bad thing. Snacks are an easy way to slightly hold students over for a brief moment, especially if in a hurry.

A food truck is on campus nearly everyday. However, if a student is forced to go to a food truck often, or walk down the street and spend too much on lunch, students might ask, “why does my school have a brand new cafeteria with an empty kitchen and only sells snacks?”

There is a perfectly good cafeteria space located in the F5 building on campus.

Posted on the college website is this message from President Marvin Martinez:”As you walk around the campus, you will see several new complexes that house our… cafeteria, bookstore and Associated Student Union.

These buildings are designed to provide students with access to the latest technology and equipment that will support them in their studies and prepare them for university programs and careers.”

President Martinez says that these buildings are here to ensure the success of students.

However, with no staff running the kitchen, it shows board of trustees lack of interest in feeding ELAC students healthier food.

The board of trustees fails to recognize it is not all about success but also about having a healthy lifestyle.

Some students are only on campus for one or two classes, but others are here all day and deserve a wholesome and healthy meal. ELAC appears to have the resources to provide that.

Dylan Dixon contributed to the article.

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