Game club welcomes new gamers to level up

By: Melody Ortiz

ELAC’s Game Club was made as a safe haven for gamers of all kinds to bring, play, watch and discuss games.

They play games from video to board and card games.

During the meetings, members can play games on projectors connected to computers or any console provided by other members..

Jorge Ivan Macias, the club’s community manager, said the Game Club’s main goals are to allow students some stress relief and help turn hobbies into careers.

It is a place for students to take a break from the piles of work and pressure of midterms, finals and have fun relaxing, he said.

Macias explained that the club gives members opportunities to make connections with game developers and help get their foot in the door to build a career.

It can also help those who want to read about, write about, watch, or participate in any kind of gaming.

Those who simply enjoy watching the action are welcome as well, Macias said, “Gamers are shy.”

He believes the club is a good place for those who share the interest of meeting others but also a great environment for those who keep to themselves.

Macias says benefits include friendships, networking, and social events, including fundraisers, tournaments, and club outings.

GAME ON— Damion Olivares, left, William Chiao and Jorge Ivan Macias compete in a suspensful round of Jenga and Uno simultaneously. C/N Melody Ortiz

Super Smash Bros. is currently the most popular and active game among members. Up to eight players can play at a time.

The club is open to anyone bringing games they’d like to play or share, such as card games, like Uno.

Others like Jenga are often played also.

The gaming consoles commonly used in the club are the Play Station 4, the Wii, and the new Nintendo Switch, however, other consoles are also welcome.

Games like Lara Croft, The Legend of Zelda, and Elder Scrolls include the poplar bow and arrow.

Macias hopes to take members to an archery range on Wednesday evenings.

He wants members to experience the actual thrill of it.

Macias would like to use the connections he has to give club members as many opportunities as he can.

These opportunities include anything from catching a movie, to touring a gaming studio.

He would also like to get members into gaming conventions like Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Macias says what he enjoys most about the club are the fun and interesting people.

There are currently a little more than 20 active members that visit. He believes the club can inspire teamwork and imagination.

He wants it to be a place where students don’t have to worry about being judged their interest in gaming.

Whether for a casual or avid gamer, he thinks everyone should feel comfortable and welcome. He, and other members, are willing to explain any game to anyone who may want to start playing.

This is the Game Club’s first semester as a club on campus. Macias admits one of the difficult parts of managing the club is all the “firsts” and mistakes, but it helps him learn and improve.

The club meets Tuesdays from noon to 1:35 p.m. in E3-331. They also meet on Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in ASU 209.

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