ELAC electrician making lasting impression on campus

By Gil Milanes 

East Los Angeles College electrician Leroy Cadman continues to leave his stamp in the lives of those students and faculty who he supports.

Cadman is the lead electrician at ELAC and has been with the campus since 1988.

Over the past 29 years of service, Cadman has seen ELAC evolve from singlestory classrooms to multi-story classroom buildings. One thing that has not changed over the years is his work ethic and willingness to help others.

“There is not a single day that I don’t stop by the Transfer and Veterans center to see if they need anything,” Cadman said.

Veteran student David Pizana describes Cadman as a generous man with a big heart. “He helps out everyone. Anytime a club has a fundraiser, he pays for veterans to go eat. So he helps out the veterans and supports the club at the same time,” Pizana said.

Financially is not the only way he supports departments.

According to Pizana, on a regular basis, “he goes out of his way to make sure everything works properly.”

Veteran student Trinidad Rodriguez feels he can relate to Cadman.

“His character, integrity and values are the same values that they [the military] literally fed into us. He is very empathetic, understanding and gets the job done, ” Rodriguez said.

Cadman believes he owes his employment to students and it is the reason why he gives back. “I love helping people out. I love helping the departments out because those departments help the students which is why I have a job,” Cadman said.

Despite his 45 years of experience as an electrician, Cadman has no plans to retire anytime soon. “I really like this campus, it’s an awesome place. I’m not sure if I’m ready, ” Cadman said.

His appreciation and loyalty to ELAC is evident by his attire. He dresses with ELAC-branded polo shirts and hats to show his pride for the campus.

Cadman is well known around campus by faculty and club members. Almost anywhere he drives his electric cart, he is recognized and greeted.

During the interview at least four different people approached him to say hello. Everyday Cadman commutes 22 miles to work and begins his shift at 5:45 a.m.

“I arrive 30 minutes early. I start my paperwork and begin my day,” Cadman said.

His duties are to supervise his assistant and two other electricians, troubleshoot any electrical problem, change bulbs and even do wiring for the IT epartment.

Originally from Colorado, Cadman came to California in 1988 to visit his father-in-law in Glendora.

“One night while having dinner, I was going through the newspaper and saw an ad for electrician at ELAC. I called and had my interview,” Cadman said.

It wasn’t until late December of that same year that Cadman heard back from ELAC.

“The school called me to tell me that the guy they hired didn’t work out and asked me if I wanted the job,” Cadman said.

The rest is history. Cadman earns the respect and admiration of those who have the opportunity to meet him. His actions, will to help students and faculty speak louder than words.

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