Campus lacks good food

By Ja’Rodd Jones-

Good food at cheap prices is all anyone could ever ask for in these hectic times, especially when one’s a struggling college student. Here at East Los Angeles College, where the food pickings are slim and the college kids are broke it’s hard to find good substance and his slippery friend named value walking hand in hand on the campus.

Of course there are the mega corporations of McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr and Taco Bell. The only warmth you get out of them is the warmth of heart burn and possible lactic acid in your stomach from eating their food.

Then there is the ELAC cafeteria food and/or snack shop, where one can either grab a cold dead small sandwich with no sides for a whopping $5  or a slightly larger sandwich with no sides for a barn burning  $6. Can’t beat those prices with a bat!

They also have junk food that would make one’s money want to smack the taste out of one’s mouth for even purchasing such nonsense.

This leaves the “Malibu Bagels” lunch truck. Here is where value and substance crossed paths and decided to go on a series of dates. One could get a hardy breakfast bagel with eggs, bacon, hash brown and cheese for a pocket savings of $6 bucks. Their food doesn’t make one feel like they’ve been punched in the chest and stomach and made to drag their limp, sluggish body across the ground.

Its burgers and fries combo are a mere $5.50. Unlike McDonald’s fries; “Malibu’s” fries will actually grow mold and be inedible. These burgers ain’t kobe beef, but it’s a step up from meat loaded with so much salt you have chance of getting a stroke from one bite.

The food at “Malibu Bagels” are more than two steps up from the cold, musty sandwich that’s less than fresh from the ELAC cafeteria.

For all those hungry, semi-broke college students who want to save just a little but also feel as if they’re getting their money’s worth, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try “Malibu Bagels,” where one can be the third wheel on that date with substance and value.

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