Husky cafe offers more food variety

FOODS UP—Employee Juan Mora serves up one of the new food options available at the Husky Grill kitchen. CN/ Giselle Palomera

By Giselle Palomera

The Husky Café opened mid-August, making Pacific Dining Food Management Service the sole food service provider for all the nine Los Angeles Community College District campuses.

Pacific Dining offers three different kitchen services. The Casa Solana kitchen offers students a variety of Mexican food. The Husky Grill offers burgers, hot sandwiches and other favorites like Pastrami. Block and Barrel offers deli sandwiches and paninis.

“Students come to me and complain about the prices of the food, and I think that the prices are good for the quality we offer. I’m still trying to see and learn the needs of students,” Erika Chavez, who runs the cafe, said.

The board of trustees approved a ten-year lease with Pacific Dining, Wednesday, providing the East Los Angeles College cafeteria with a fully operational Husky Café. The lease agreement included yearly and monthly commissions, scholarship and food contributions.

The rent amount for Pacific Dining will be based on a monthly commission of  seven percent on all net cafe and catering sales and 10 percent commission on all net outside catering sales to outside groups or off-campus catering, plus a $1,000 scholarship contribution to  each of the nine colleges in LACCD.

Other terms for the lease agreement include a $1,000 food service to campus administrations yearly, a $500 food service to governing student bodies yearly and $25,000 for a  reserve fund specifically for LACCD and Los Angeles Southwest College dining improvements.

Pacific Dining caters to corporate, campus and vending one-stop food services.

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