New ELAC vice president hopes to liven up athmosphere


Monique Hernandez

By Giselle Palomera

Monique Hernandez began her term as vice president for the Associated Student Union with promise of more club events and a livelier campus.

Hernandez began at East Los Angeles College in 2014 and is now the newly elected vice president after serving two terms as senator and secretary.

As the beginning of the semester brings on new challenges, Hernandez encourages students to be involved and to make ELAC their safe place.

“Get involved. The important thing is to be a part of ELAC. Apply to be on the board, start a club, join a club, be active, make memories and make ELAC your home,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez chose the position of vice president because the main responsibility is to be the liaison for the clubs on campus.

As the vice president, she plans to have more club events to bring the student population on campus together.

She, along with ASU, are currently planning events like Club Rush week to encourage students to be in a club or to start their own.

Hernandez believes student involvement makes campus life more enjoyable because being around others who share the same interests and have goals is encouraging.

Her lack of involvement before being on the ASU board made her want to go home after class, but now she enjoys a busy life on campus.

Hernandez spends her school days in meetings and the library after classes.

Hernandez is currently studying Biochemistry and taking courses from the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math program.

“ I have volunteered at a hospital before and I’ve always enjoyed helping people. It’s hard to explain why I chose the medical path without telling a whole life story. But I really hope I inspire other students on campus to get involved and give back to the community. Everyone has a story that leads them to contribute something to society,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez plans to attend either the University of California, Berkeley or the University of Southern California.

A year ago, Hernandez visited the UC Berkeley campus and said she enjoyed the liveliness and friendliness of the campus, making it her top choice.

She also thinks of attending medical school to become a doctor or anesthesiologist if her plans take her in that direction.

Hernandez believes that in the sciences, everything is political and should be taken personally.

“Political is personal, take everything personally,” Hernandez said.

When Hernandez is not busy on campus, she enjoys exercising her mental and physical abilities.

“I like to stay active physically and mentally, so I like to go to the gym or sit down and read a book. I like to watch scary movies, cook with my loved ones and eat ice cream. That’s the best I can summarize,” Hernandez said in an email.

Hernandez hopes to inspire students to be more active and aware of members of the community at ELAC.

Students can attend and be a part of Club Rush week from Sept. 19 until the 21, and are welcome to start a new club of their own.

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