OPINION: Husky Cafe serves variety of delights

Grilled Special Patty Melt

By Kevin Camargo

Hungry, and want something very simple to eat fast? This might be a good choice.

The Patty Melt consists of two slices of sourdough bread, a hamburger patty, lots of cheese and grilled onions.

Every ingredient can be tasted as each bite is taken. Dislike any of the ingredients? This might not be a good choice.

The combo comes with a full sandwich with some French fries, totaling up to about $8.

The sandwich itself is quite delightful. In every bite, you get that crunch of the toasty bread.

The whole plate is served as fresh as it can get, including the fries. Not cold fries that have been laying out for a while.

Although it was good tasting, it does have some draw-backs. The sandwich itself can get dirty or greasy. This meal is not the way to go as a healthy option because  it’s not really healthy.

Be sure to pick up napkins before beginning the meal because they will be needed.

Also, the size of meat doesn’t cover all of the bread, of course, because it’s a round patty inside square bread.

This can be good because once the meat is gone, this patty melt becomes a grilled cheese.

Since it has lots of cheese, and it has that crunch from the bread, it tastes good.


Veggie Malibu Burger

By Dorany Pineda

The vegetarian Malibu Burger at ELAC’s new “Husky Cafe” is a decent, meat-less choice for hungry Huskies looking for sustenance.

Students have the option of choosing a beef, turkey or vegetable patty as the protein source.

The rest of the hamburger consists of lettuce, tomatoes, swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and a very small dab of mayonnaise and mustard as condiments.

The veggie patty, which is made up of grains and vegetables, is soft and well-cooked, and added a tasty, nutty flavor to the burger.

The quantity of vegetables, however, which are meant to balance out the buns and patty, were meager.

A very skinny leaf of lettuce was thrown in and a couple of sad tomato slices were unhappily sandwiched within the burger.

The burger buns, though soft, were a bit much. They were thick and every so often, a bite into the Malibu tasted like a basic bite into a slice of bread.

Though the Malibu Burger was nothing spectacular, its $5.79 price makes it an economic and satisfactory option for those vegetarian Huskies in need of food.


Husky Cafe Western Burger

By Melody Ortiz

At first glance, Husky Cafe’s Western Burger looks a bit questionable. It is a good-sized burger, though dull looking and has no lettuce or any vegetables except for the fried onions.

The burger includes a beef patty, cheddar cheese, bacon, onion rings, and BBQ sauce all on plain hamburger buns. The taste of the patty didn’t stand out and had me unsure if it was seasoned in anyway. Still, it was juicy not dry at all.

The cheese on top of the patty didn’t look fully cooked in the middle, but tasted as plain as the patty. I enjoyed that they were not stingy with the amount of bacon and onions rings.

The bacon was somewhat chewy, possibly from being cooked by microwave rather than on the stove. It still had the irreplicable taste of bacon.

The onion rings were decent, though messy and topped with an underwhelming amount of BBQ sauce. I did not taste the actual sauce until I bit into the center of the burger. Therefore most of my meal was sauceless.

The taste, altogether, was okay. It’s definitely something that can be found at a fast food chain that can hold a person’s hunger until the next meal, but not in any kind of formal (or even casual) sit-down restaurant.

The Western Burger is nothing to be wowed by, nor is it terrible. It can be improved by spreading the BBQ sauce and possibly by adding lettuce.

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