OPINION: Outrageous smartphone prices leave wallets empty

By Michael Dominguez

The public and  students that are in college or headed to college  need everything quick and easy to make  life easier and more stress-free.

This is why peopl carry smartphones.

Smartphones are small and compact, and can hold music, e-mails and provide the news of the day.

They are becoming more and more expensive but  still manage to make sales.

Smartphones should be priced affordably so that everyone can have one.

Most phone prices range from $699 to $930, the most expensive being the Samsung Note 8 at $930.

Most customers put a down payment of $210 if the buyer chooses to buy the phone through the mobile provider he or she gets its service from.

Apple’s iPhone X will cost $1,000, according to Apple.com. The price tag is not scaring people away though.

Why are people paying  for such expensive phones?

That money can be used to secure a small apartment or split the rent  for an apartment.

Not only must customers give a down payment when they purchase  a phone, but also pay for the bill service.

The prices vary, depending on how much data  the customer wants to use for messaging, phone calls and internet service.

Everyone should be able to purchase a smartphone because everything in this world is modern technology and it is very important to stay updated in our daily lives.

A student without a smartphone may miss a change in their class.

The professor may have changed  the project or work  given or the professor may miss a message from   a student.

Not only are smartphones  helpful for work and school, but they can also help keep communication between family members that live long distances away.

All smartphones feature applications that allow customers to videochat with others from the comfort of  their own home.

In last week’s Campus News,  an article written by Joe Dargan titled “FreedomPop aims to disrupt major phone companies” brought up a cheaper phone option.

In the article, Dargan explains how the company was offering unlimited plans at $20 a month and  selling refurbished phones.

Big phone companies like T Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon should go in the same direction, and  offer plans like  FreedomPop.

Customers won’t have to worry about paying so much for  plans and could also afford a smartphone.

If cheaper options were available, more people could enjoy the perks of a smartphone without feeling a hole in their wallets.

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