OPINION: Gun control laws lack power to stop mass killings

By Michael Dominguez

Guns should not be allowed to the public because they can fall in the wrong hands and can be used to cause harm and fatal events. Should guns be allowed? And who shouldcan have access to them them?  

According to CNN.com, the United States has had a total of 90 mass shootings since 2012 while other countries combined have had only 54 mass shootings, with  numbers rising in 2017 for the U.S. alone.

According to gunviolencearchive.org., from January first to October third, there have been a total of 273 mass shootings in the U.S. the most recent being in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas shooting is the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history with 59 dead and 527 injured.

The U.S. constitution allows people to have a gun because of our  right to bear arms.   

What kind of freedom is that if it is going to create harm?  

The victims of the Vegas shooting had the freedom to enjoy the night at the  concert.

But only to be  killed by gun violence.  

Cops and military forces should be the only people  with guns, but they should be trained  on how to use them.

Cops shoot and kill innocent people every day and  should use other methods to control a person.  

According to a chart by the Washington Post,  death by the hands of cops is on track to hit 1,000 for the third year in row.

These cops shoot at people, and instead of shooting the leg or another body part, they shoot to kill them.

Police should train their offcers   to protect and serve, like their  job description says, and not cause fear in  people.  

Guns should not be around  schools or any public place that has people in the building  since those are innocent people.

In the Sandy Hook massacre the shooter had a Bushmaster XM-15. This gun was on the “designed to avoid Federal Assault weapons” ban in 1994.

If this was on the list of weapons to avoid, why was it sold to this person?

Bushmasters are used in many military camps, so it is an outrage that it was allowed near  a school full of children.

Another reason guns have not been banned is that guns  bring  in  a total  of  $42.9  billion  dollars  per year  to  the  economy,  according  to gunvoilence.org.

If guns bring in $42.9 billion a year, why ban it and  lose a huge profit from the sales and the tax on guns.  Is money really worth the life of a  child or a person?

No, it’s not.

A life is more important than a firearm, the government and National Rifle Association must come together and create rules for the use and sales of guns and not be so selfish with the money that’s brought in with guns.

We can make money other ways.

Is it going to take one of their own family members to be a victim of a mass shootings to put a stop to gun violence?

People should be able to attend work, school, concerts and feel safe without worrying about a shooter being in the crowd or work space.

The government has to be smart in deciding who has a gun, and do screenings that have deeper background checks to see if they have had any trouble with the law.     The screenings should be on the person’s mental health so that a mentally ill person doesn’t have a gun anywhere near them.

Those people should not be able to step into a gun shop.

There has to be better gun control to avoid these mass killings.

There is a lot of negative news and not enough positive, but that  has to change or else it may affect someone  close to you.  

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