OPINION: Spanish speakers prompt change

By Stephanie Guevara

People should stop assuming all Hispanics are Mexican just because we speak Spanish.

21 countries  have Spanish as the official language.

Therefore, not all Spanish speakers come from Mexico.

Why are we quick to assume all Spanish speakers come from Mexico?

I am a Salvadoran who grew up in Huntington Park, where the majority of its population is  Mexican.

Because of that, everyone in school assumed I was Mexican. I purposely spoke Spanish with a Salvadoran accent so everyone could distinguish me.

However, I was still asked what part of Mexico I was from.

When I told teachers and students I was Salvadoran, they wouldn’t believe me, like it was something out of the ordinary.

Since Spanish speaking immigrants arrived to the United States, certain nationalities were labeled.

One of the most popular labels was the term Hispanic. Hispanics refers to those who speak Spanish or are of Spanish descent.

However, not everyone who speaks spanish is of Spanish descent.

Most people  don’t know that in Equatorial Guinea Spanish is the official language.

Equatorial Guinea is an African country located in the western part of Africa.

According to the definition of Hispanic, the Equatoguinean are also Hispanic.

A survey done by Pew Research Center says 51 percent of the Hispanic population in the U.S. would rather be identified as their parent’s country of origin.

Instead of being called Hispanics, they preferred to be called Cuban, Colombian, Peruvian or any other nationality they choose to identify as.

People need to be more educated on this matter to stop ignorant comments that might offend others.

President Donald Trump has referred to undocumented immigrants as Mexicans who must be stopped from entering the U.S.

This statement is false because not all undocumented immigrants are Mexican, and he is assuming that all Hispanic immigrants are Mexican.

We don’t want to fall into the same ignorance as the President, therefore we must educate ourselves.

We must not ignore the other 20 countries’ that are rich in culture. It is true that all these countries connect through the language, but they are also different in tradition and custom.

In most of the Latin American countries, there is an urban legend of a woman who appears to men by the riverbed.

In Mexico, that woman is known as La Llorona. But in Central America, she is known as La Siguanaba.

According to Salvadoran legends, La Siguanaba’s shape-changing spirit that takes the form of an attractive, long-haired woman who is seen from behind.

She appears to men at night by the riverbed, jumps from tree to tree and laughs devilishly.

By assuming all Hispanics come from Mexico, we neglect the rest of the 20 spanish speaking countries.

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