Students raise money for hurricane relief


By Melody Ortiz

East Los Angeles College’s Students for Political Awareness club and the American Federation of Teachers held a fundraiser on Thursday night for student artists to sell their pieces.

The fundraiser was set up to raise money for Mexico, Puerto Rico and Dominica after they suffered hurricane disasters.

ELAC art students set up tables to sell their work at the fundraiser. Some items for sale were photographs, handmade jewelry and handmade ceramic pieces.

All items were one-of-a-kind.

Artist Janet Macias, who previously said that she uses ceramics to express her political views, took the opportunity to sell some of her work for the cause, including mugs and bowls.

ESPA member Marco Lopez said President Trump’s lack of aid helped the club come up with the idea.

“I see a lot of people stepping up by organizing events and selling things,” Lopez said. “We want to do that, too. We want to help support them.”

ESPA’s mission, stated on East Los Angeles College’s website, is to increase the voice of students in politics and to improve the community by “helping the impoverished, disenfranchised, and needy.”

ESPA and AFT sold pizza, pasta and drinks during the event.

The event had a DJ and band performances for music entertainment.

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