New Beauty Club welcomes makeup lovers, wants to petition for cosmetology program

make up meeting— Adriana Ramirez, vice president (left), Bernice Gonzalez, president, and Rachel Galvan, secretary, gather around a pink laptop in the Husky Cafeteria to discuss plans for the Beauty Club. cn/Julie Santiago

By Julie Santiago

Gathered around a pink laptop in the Husky Cafeteria, Bernice Gonzalez, a Psychology major, Adriana Ramirez, also a psychology major, Rachel Galvan and Andrew “Leo” Andrade met to discuss plans for their new club the Beauty Club.

Gonzalez, president of the Beauty Club, and Galvan, its secretary, had a hard time starting the club late in the semester.

“It was like a Wednesday and me and her (Bernice) went walking all around campus asking random professors to be our advisers,” said Galvan.

“Finally, we ran into Mike Tsai. He was nice enough to help,” said Gonzalez.

Mike Tsai, a photography professor, agreed to be a temporary adviser and help with fundraising and other club duties.

The Beauty Club had 80-100 people sign up during Club Rush Week. The club has since received emails asking for information on meetings.

“One person keeps going to ASU  asking when we’re going to meet,” said Galvan.

Gonzalez said she feels confident the club will attract enough members and support, but feels her first priority is getting a classroom for the club to meet in. Not finding a classroom has slowed Gonzalez’s plans down.

The Beauty Club wanted to try special effects-type makeup for Halloween, but couldn’t due to not finding a place for the club to meet.

“The person who provides classrooms has been changing people around,” said Gonzalez.

Despite the obstacles for starting the Beauty Club, Gonzalez is confident she will find a place by tomorrow. She’s also optimistic about the club in general.

Besides a few makeup courses offered on weekends, ELAC doesn’t offer a cosmetology program. Gonzalez said the lack of makeup courses and the number of people she knows interested in makeup inspired her to start the club.

According to Gonzalez, if all goes well, The Beauty Club would eventually like to start a petition for a cosmetology program.

Galvan and club vice president Adriana Ramirez talked about male members who might like to join the club.

“This is supposed to be a fun club where you can just express yourself. It wouldn’t be fair to exclude certain people to express their creativity,” said Galvan.

Ramirez also said she would like everyone in the club to be self-aware and accept everyone regardless of their background, race, color and religion.

“We want to show males that it is okay to wear makeup, too. I know society likes to judge males because they wear makeup, because they have long hair or because they dress like women. We want to make them feel okay so they can be themselves,” said Galvan.

Andrade, male member of the club who initially joined to support his friend Ramirez, doesn’t wear makeup. However, Andrade said he is curious about learning how it is used for concealing blemishes.

“When I heard that she (Ramirez) has had facial problems and how she’s covered it up, I got more interested,” said Andrade.

Andrade did not notice his friend’s acne problem through her make up.

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