Initiatives discussed at ASU meeting

By Julie Santiago

Associated Student Union board members spent nearly an hour discussing action item named “Make Up Pass.”

The item aimed to allow ASU board members to be able to make up required hours only during emergencies and important times, passed.

ASU Board members are required to stay available to students on the main campus, building: in the Student Activities Office (F5-212) for a minimum of four hours weekly.

ASU Senator Genesys Sanchez said that some members are not always able to meet the required hours due to problems that come up, such as dealing with family or work issues.

Secretary Summer French said she also has important family matters at home but still manages to meet the required hours.

French said she doesn’t let issues get in the way of her work and felt that it was unfair for other members not to do the same.

“We knew what we signed up for,” said French.

Most board members shared their thoughts regarding the internal issue.

The item caused some confusion among the members, but was clarified and ended up passing in the end.

An initiative for funding ending student hunger was also discussed at the meeting and at public forum, where some people spoke in support of ending student hunger. Items regarding student hunger passed.

An initiative called Husky Snacks funding also passed.

The English Department also announced that they will provide food to students next fall to help combat student hunger.

ASU also created the Husky Spirit and Pride Committee.

Students looking to charter their clubs packed F5 209.

The Japanese Culture Club, SG Child Club, and Roots STEM Club were chartered along with several other clubs.

The next ASU meeting will take place on December 8 at 2 p.m.

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