ASU Chief resolves to open dialogue with students


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There were two big issues students brought to attention during the Open Dialogue Meeting last Tuesday: safety and overpriced food.

Student voices and opinions are important to Associated Student Union, which is why they hosted the open dialogue meeting. Many students showed up to this open dialogue and shared their ideas on what would make East Los Angeles College a better and safer campus.

A couple of students were concerned about their safety on campus due to the lack of blue lights. They weren’t only concerned about the daytime students, but the night-time students, as well. They are more at risk of attacks, because there are fewer students on campus during that time.

High prices for undercooked, re-used and small portions of food was another big issue addressed at the meeting. Students shared their experiences of eating undercooked food that came from the Husky café, and they want something done about it now.

“This issue has been brought up to me at least five times this semester,” said Chief Justice Destiny Hernandez. ASU hopes to resolve this issue soon.

“We have a petition out for prices to be lower,” said Gary Garza Head of ASU for South Gate Campus.

“I want students to understand that we’re not letting the issue go by we’re on top of it, it just takes time.” Garcia said.

Having an open dialogue was Hernandez’s idea, and her inspiration came from her English class. Her professor made the class have a conversation about gun control and each person gave reasons why they were and were not for it.

“As I was in the class, I said to myself ‘we should do this for ASU.’ See what students want ASU to be advocating for and see what they think we are doing wrong, so we can have a better relationship,” Hernandez said.

As of late, ASU has been making decisions for students on what changes go on around campus.

“Right now it’s a little like what I feel is best for the students,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez wants the relationship between ASU and students to improve and a way for ASU to learn what students want. She really wants students to speak up for what they want done around campus, because “We’re not really getting the voice of the students.”

Hernandez brought up an issue that she is aware of: students talking bad about ASU, and how they feel ASU doesn’t really do anything for them.

“Even though some concerns may take years, we are not just putting them on the backburner. There is a lot of paperwork that comes with them, and that is something I wish the students can see, ” Hernandez said.

She went on to say, “I want students to know that ASU is a safe space to come and share your ideas and concerns.”

ASU will continue to have open dialogue meetings, and although the date is still not set, the next meeting will be held during next semester.

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