Artsy pizza joint offers vegan choices

BY alynna guzman

Staff Writer

Walking by “Purgatory Pizza” in Boyle Heights, the first thing to notice is the artwork.

The building is adorned with messages like “justice,  peace,” with different colored writing surrounding the “no’s” and blaring dance music to set the mood.

Purgatory Pizza offers regular and vegan options. Although a bit expensive compared to your run of the mill pizza place, a regular specialty pizza will run anywhere from $16 to $25 dollars.

A vegan specialty will be anywhere from $22 to $27 dollars.

Loud dance music fills the air of the restaurant. The wait time is usually around 15 minutes, the pizzas are prepared and cooked to order. There is also the option to just buy a slice, which is cooked and heated to order.

The Buffalo Bill pizza has a vegan ranch base, gardein chicken, which is (fake chicken), tempeh bacon, green onions and red pepper flakes.

Ask for extra buffalo ranch sauce to dip this bad boy in and it truly is a spicy, thin crusted masterpiece.

Split the pizza in two, with so many options as well as build- your-own-pizza. There’s always something new to try.

Dave’s Junkie is topped with El Diablo sauce, soyrizo, red bell peppers, mushrooms and jalapenos.

The first bite is a spicy lip tingling explosion. Eating another slice is out of question.

The Thor’s BBQ pizza has a barbecue sauce base, gardein chicken, red onion, cilantro and pineapple, which adds a sweet taste to it.

If people ask for some buffalo sauce drizzled onto the pie, it converts it from a sweet, fresh experience to a nice fight between sweet and spicy for domination over ones taste buds.

Save some of the vegan buffalo ranch sauce for the garlic knots, which have both regular and vegan options.  An order serves up to six of their  must-have delicious little golden treats.

The wedges fall very flat. This is the catfish of wedges, from the outside the crisp exterior implies a crisp bite, but they fail to deliver, the potato is too dense, not mushy structured crispness like you’d expect.

Although the food is delicious, the parking lot feels like hell. The Los Angeles area is quite famous for its horrible parking. It lacks space and will feel like playing tetris just to get out.

This restaurant is located at 1326 E 1st St. Los Angeles, CA 90033.

CN/alynna guzman
PIZZA PIZZA PIE—Half Buffalo Bill and half Daves Junkie, 100 percent vegan pizza served and cooked to order at Purgatory Pizza in Boyle Heights.

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