Latest ‘Call of Duty’ returns to roots

Andrew ayala

Staff Writer

It’s back to the basics in “Call of Duty: World War 2,” which means players are saying goodbye to jetpacks and hello to boots on the ground.

With the idea of an original “Call of Duty” game, where skill is measured by gun skill and not how quick can use jetpacks to pick other  players off, the gamer community was shaken.

The franchise is back to its roots, however, and the community is thriving and growing like never before.

The main campaign allows players to play as Ronald “Red” Daniels. He is a country boy from Texas, who makes the decision to enlist and fight for his country.

The story takes players through twists and turns of missions that players  and their squads must complete, in order to help the U.S. advance in the war.

Through these series of missions, players form bonds with certain characters like Robert Zussman, who is Daniels’ best friend, and William Pierson, who is the Commanding Officer.

This campaign is one of the best and is filled with easter eggs and many secret items to find throughout the story.

Zombie mode in “Call of Duty: WWII” is completely revamped and is now scarier, more gruesome, and more intense than any previous iterations. Two maps have been released so far and they differ completely.

The Final Reich, a map, makes players figure out what is going on in the town of Mittelburg, Germany by completing a series of steps to solve the mystery.

There are two easter eggs in total in this zombie mode and the only way to solve them both is to complete them in the same game, which is a very time consuming task.

The second map is called Gröesten Haus, which is more of a classic zombie mode, where the main goal is to survive as many waves of zombies as possible.

Both have very spine chilling cut scenes and some pretty sweet surprises along the way.

The multiplayer in this game is bigger than ever and the competitive scene is growing as well. This year alone, there are $5,000,000 worth of cash prizes in the Call of Duty World League series, which is where the best teams compete for a trophy and rings just like any other sport.

In the game there are 10 prestige’s, which lets players when you reset their progress. Master prestige is the final one, and to fully become a master prestige, one must reach level 1000.

The ranked lobbies will be open on Dec. 1, and will bring a more serious tone to the game since players will now be playing for a rank that can go up or down depending on wins and losses.     In public lobbies, one can play the game and win or lose without worrying about their level or rank going down.

The game already has Major League Gaming lobbies with a dedicated server, but at this point in time, the connection isn’t as good as it could be.

The multiplayer plays smooth and has a total of 10 maps at the time of this review. Filled with weapon variants, unlockable camouflages, and paint jobs on weapons, the game takes a refreshing twist on both mechanics and rewards.

A new game mode called War, gives players a series of objectives such as moving tanks across a battlefield, or even planting a bomb.

Three additional maps can only be played in this game mode.

The game also brings back a game mode introduced last year,  Gridiron.

In Gridiron, players must score the ball into the goal on the opposite side of the map and the team with the most points wins. Think of football or soccer, but with weapons.

This game type allows a less serious tone and a more team-based objective since players need people to protect one another if they’re going for the goal.

While being fun, both of these newer game modes are very difficult, especially when doing them solo.

Bloggers on Reddit have wasted no time leaking the release date of the first Downloadable Content pack. It is said to have new maps and 16 new weapons.

“Call of Duty WW2” has managed to once again captivate the hearts and minds of many gamers, thanks to its groundbreaking new release.

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