Statistics Club proposes three studies and seeks participants

By Michelle Perez

The Statistics Club at East Los Angeles College hopes to conduct at least three studies that they believe will help many students. The President of the Statistics Club, Francisco Larraga, said that as of now the studies are in their planning stage and that hopefully they will be approved and implemented by next spring.

Larraga said that the three studies involve anxiety and self-efficacy, aggression and how it’s expressed, and the relationship between intimate contact and lower stress levels. Also, he briefly described each study, their purpose and how the Statistics Club plans to carry them out.

The first study focuses on test anxiety and self-efficacy possibly being a factor into how well a student does on an exam,” said Larraga. He believes that finding the results of this study will interest students since it directly involves them as college students.

The second study focuses on finding out how the genders each express their aggression. The goal for this study is to either support or overthrow the prevailing idea that males express their anger physically and directly, whereas females express it emotionally and indirectly.

The last study aims to find out if there is a relationship between intimate contact and lower stress levels. “We seek to help individuals find out a little bit more about themselves and other folks (be it sexual contact or not),” said Larraga.

In terms of how these studies will be conducted, Larraga said the first will consist of a pre-and-post survey. The other two studies will involve a questionnaire on the two subjects (anger and stress) and how the participants feel about them.

Overall, the purpose of the studies is to collect data, analyze it, and interpret it in order to come up with a conclusion and thus decide what it means. This would then help the club to decide what to do to help the students at ELAC cope with anxiety and self-efficacy, aggression, and stress. Larraga said the data may even help open new programs and help give students healthier lifestyle choices involving these issues.

The statistics club aims at not only finding the results to these studies,but also ensure that the participants are comfortable and that they know the significance of the studies. Consent from the participants is essential for conducting these studies.

After getting approved to conduct these studies, the statistics club will need participants for their research, which will be recruited through promotion.

Larraga said they may also need volunteers to help conduct the studies, and hopefully people who are familiar with statistics or anyone who would be interested enough to go to a club meeting and help out.

Larraga also said that some people may hesitate to answer a few of the questions, since the topics may be found to be sensitive to some people.

However, the participants will not be forced to answer anything and are ensured to have a knowledgeable, comfortable, and safe experience.

To get more information on the studies and statistics in general, students are encouraged to attend the statistics club meetings on Thursday’s from 12:15 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.  

During these meetings the club also has “weekly presentations on specific vocabulary or on research methods that our students can take from and master really well,” said Larraga.

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