Theatre department address everyday issues in performances

By Jesus Garcia

The Theatre in the Community program is a program for students from all backgrounds who with their interest in theatre want to help their community in some way.  

It is a free program where students  tour elementary schools/daycare centers with children’s theatre productions, ‘brown bag’ lunchtime performances at senior centers, food banks and events throughout Los Angeles County.

The program is led by ELAC’s very own theatre professor, James Buglewicz. As the producer of the program,  Buglewicz alternates plays, teaches students the art of performance and occasionally takes part in the productions. They usually produce plays that deal with social awareness or how Buglewicz chooses to call them “Edutainment” plays.

In order to showcase their Theatre in the Community Program, the theatre department performed a play titled What’s Wrong with Mr. White at the ELAC Majors Fair on Thursday November 9th. With the performance of What’s Wrong with Mr. White, they are able to spread awareness of the daily hardships people with Alzheimer’s disease and their families have to undergo.

Students gain a variety of skills from being a part of the program. In What’s Wrong with Mr. White,  the efficient and top-quality set was designed by ELAC student Robert Andrade and costumes by Krystal Valencia. “The set is impressive as is and double that when you consider that all must breakdown and fit in the ‘tour van’ and have room for students!” Professor Buglewicz says. Creating the overall atmosphere of a play is only part of the benefit the program provides while making an impact in the community.

Actors from diverse backgrounds with no acting experience to seasoned actors are involved in the program. “This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in theatre to gain some live experience,” Professor Buglewicz says.

Whether it be acting, designing the set, or designing costumes. The theatre department offers many elective courses that include, Stagecraft, Stage Management, Beginning Direction and much more.

If anyone is interested in the Theatre in the Community program, feel free to ask the Theatre Department or Professor Buglewicz for more information.

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