Pitching woes lead to baseball’s second straight loss

By Jerry Flores

The baseball team lost their second consecutive game against Riverside City College on Saturday. The final score was 2-5.

During the 4th inning, the Huskies allowed the first run by the Tiger’s freshman outfielder Joseph Hodapp, who automatically won first base because of poor pitching by East Los Angeles College’s freshman pitcher Paul Kosanovich.

Losing by a run, the Huskies were able to tie the game in the bottom of the 6th inning.

Having first and second base loaded, sophomore Grant Victor made an unstoppable hit to the left side of the field allowing sophomore outfielder Anthony Soto, who stole second base, to make the run for the Huskies.

In the top of the 8th inning, having changed two pitchers that allowed four runs, ELAC’s errors  began to show in the game.

Riverside’s inside infielder Daniel Martinez, who started the game as pitcher, hit a straight hit to the center of the field.

Second baseman Troy Maxi got to the ball, but did not throw it to first base quick enough and Martinez’s single loaded the bases.

Huskies head coach James Hines changed his pitcher for the third time in the game because of the mistakes they were making.

He used four pitchers throughout the game. Freshman pitcher Luis Ramos gave up another two runs to Barham and outside fielder Kase Warner, allowing Riverside City College to win.

“Our mental errors showed in regards to not knowing how many outs there are. Nobody was yelling out to the pitcher in the field. He does not realize that he has to throw the ball to second base, which was not good,” said Hines, in regards to the errors the team made that led them to lose the game.

Then, an error of communication by the Huskies pitcher Josh Jorgensen and Maxi allowed Martinez to steal second base.

Riverside City College’s infielder sophomore Jacob Barham made an unstoppable hit to the right side of the field and reached third base while his teammate Martinez reached home-plate for Riverside City College.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, the Huskies tried to come back in the game when Kosanovich, who started the game as pitcher, stole second base and eventually scored ELAC’s second run. Unfortunately, it was insufficient for them and ELAC ended up losing the game.

Riverside City College’s head coach attributed the win to his starting pitcher Daniel Martinez, who completed 12 outs in the game and scored one run.

“The key for this win was the way we set the tone on the mound. It was our starting pitcher that allowed us to be in the position we are,” said Riverside City College head coach Rudy Arguelles.

The Huskies next game will be away against Grossmont College on February 16 at 1 p.m. where they will try to get their eighth win of the season.

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