First Cupid’s Dance celebrates love

By Maria Marroquin

First Cupid’s Dance hosted at East Los Angeles College was a great welcome back to students due to its combination of great music and free tacos.

Only a couple of minutes went by after the doors of the event opened when a long line started forming outside ELACs multipurpose room.

Once people walking by smelled the delicious scent of tacos al pastor, asada and chicken they could not help but to stop and get some tacos.

Although some people stayed all night, the hosts were having a hard time keeping people from leaving once they got they had eaten.

During the event, Kaylin, a student in attendance suffered an environmental allergy. Michelle Rodriguez, an attendee at the event who helped her, said this person started feeling her throat close and paramedics needed to assist her.

A cadet from ELAC was able to help the student with her EpiPen prior to paramedics arriving.

“She had an anxiety attack and the crowd got to her so that caused her to have a panic attack but she’s fine now,” said Rodriguez.

About the event Rodriguez added, “this event was fun because it brought a lot of people together. People that came here alone made friends and it shows us we may be single but not alone.”

After this medical emergency the night progressed and people in attendance decreased.

Lynette Dolatre, a helper at the event said, “We try for students to have fun and to bring the campus together. We even have little giveaways on the table (condoms), everyone is welcome to celebrate the return of Spring semester at the dance.”

People of all ages attended the event, students were able to enjoy and spend time with family, friends and significant others.

Event goers were also delighted with the presence of Indica, a 4-month-old husky in attendance with owner Erick Miguel. Indica seemed to be enjoying the balloons as much as the kids in attendance.

Miguel said, “I’m about to get some tacos and see if more people come because there is not enough dancing going on.”

Without a doubt, in addition to Indica the photo booth and the free tacos were the highlight of the night.

Monique Rodriguez, president of ASU, said “The event is hosted by the ASU, it is to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and it serves as the ending of the Club Rush week.”

Rodriguez became president of ASU this year and she plans to have many other events on campus.

Amongst other supporters of the event was Melissa Sawyer and Sonia Lopez.

Sawyer, better known as the mascot of the ELAC’s Husky team, said, “I always try to support the school events as much as I can. I like helping to keep students busy and active in school.”

The event ended with a couple of songs like “El Caballo Dorado” and “Cupid’s Shuffle” making the last of attendees test their speed as the DJ made them dance faster and faster and even joined them in the line dancing. Overall, a fun night to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Lopez, advisor of student council, said, “Club rush is designed to bring student awareness of the 80+ clubs ELAC offers. We also help students create their own club if they can get enough people to join. There are nontraditional clubs that include veterans or night students, our job is to help them make it happen.”

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