Men’s basketball blows out Chaffey in last game of regular season

By Michael Dominguez

Men’s Basketball rolls over Chaffey College 86 to 45  to win their eighth game in row and go 24-5 overall on the season.

On Sophomore night, the offense was hot from start to finish as the Huskies opened the game with a three from sophomore guard, Frank Bertz, who scored 20 points and going seven of 10 from the floor then along with six three pointers.

The huskies went  on a quick 10-2 run forcing Chaffey to take a timeout at 16 minute mark of the first half. Baskets were hard for the Chaffey offense as there first four points came from the free throw line, but those four points where not easy to get as the Husky defense played a tight one only allowing 18 points to end the first half.

Chaffey allowed ELAC to get four free throws off a  foul and a technical  foul  before the half, after  Chaffey Freshman guard Jaylen Wiltz argued a call where he fouled ELAC sophomore forward guard, Roderick Williams, in the act of shooting  where he made all four free throws from the foul and the two shots off the techinical.

ELAC ended the first half with 51 points. Chaffey came out of the second half came out a little quicker getting a foul and making two of two free throws getting them to 20 points and went on a 6-0 run but the ELAC offense was too much  for Chaffey to handle as three ball kept falling for ELAC.

As they went on  to have a 55 percent completion rate from the three point line allowing ELAC to blow the game out as they scored a total of 35 second half points opposed to Chaffey 27 scored in the second half.

Williams was also another factor for ELAC’s big win as he went on to have 20 points and a perfect eight for eight from the free throw line with 10 rebounds after the game. Williams said, “We go hard in practice everyday, that’s the main thing. We just see the bigger picture and we just need to win.”

Williams also talked about the team going into the playoffs. He said, “We put the work in so I feel confident. My team feels confident. We’re doing everything at a high level. Coaches trust us and we are producing.”  

After the game, head coach John Mosley spoke on his team and  how ELAC’s basketball is creating a winning culture over the years with back to back elite eight playoff appearances and the team’s fourth division title in five years.

“This group is a pretty consistent group, excited about doing something special here. Winning the conference for the third straight year is something they wanted to do.” Mosley said. “It kind of recruits itself once it gets going. We were fortunate to do well and now students they see we are doing a good job. Students graduate and transfer to four-year universities getting scholarships. We’re winning and they want to be apart of that.”

The team now awaits news of who they will face in the playoffs when the 11th seed Santiago Canyons go against 20th seed Canyons on Wednesday night . It will we be a home game for the Huskies on  Saturday  night at 7PM for round two of the playoffs

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