‘Kingdom Come’ delivers success across all platforms

By Andrew Ayala

Kingdom Come: Deliverance” is a medieval role-playing game that takes gamers back to the Middle Ages in the most realistic and interesting way possible.

The game takes place in 15th century Bohemia during the year 1403 when there was a fight for power between two brothers.

King Charles IV died and gave his son Wenceslaus IV the crown. Once villagers realized the son of the old king wasn’t living up to his expectations, they begged for a new leader, which is when his brother Sigismund decided to use wrath and fury to begin making the empire his own and reforming the law of the land.

The gamer plays the role of Henry, the son of a blacksmith who lives a normal life until an expected turn of events occurs in his hometown of Skalitz.

The gamer begins the game flinging dung at the house of a local official, romancing the local bar maiden and forging a beautiful sword with the Henry’s father. Soon enough his whole life will make a complete 360.

Once Sigismund’s army begins the attack, players begin to understand the true mechanics and frustration that come along with this game.

The fighting style is innovative and includes crosshair highlights wherever the next strike or block will be.

Beyond the pale— Horseback is one of the fastest ways to get around and who doesn’t love enjoying the countryside with the lads.

The archery is pure skill since there is no crosshair and  players must improve their skills, by training in order to make their shot better.

When one wears a helm it feels as if it is actually on because of the different faceguard designs, which is different than most medieval style games, such as “Skyrim,” “Dark Souls,” or “Middle Earth: Shadow of War.”

Lockpicking is essential in many adventurous RPG’s and this game doesn’t fail to make it as difficult as pickpocketing.

The pickpocketing and lockpicking skills can change the game by making it easier to acquire certain items for missions, but it will take some tedious practice.

Even saving the game is a hassle, but it is a worthy challenge. The only way it saves is by drinking “Saviour Schnapps,” a drink acquired by trade with a merchant, sleeping, which can be done in most beds and after certain main missions an autosave will show after dialogue.

This game isn’t the typical fantasy RPG, so there won’t be any dragons flying, wizards casting magical spells or undead rising and attacking a village.

Instead, this game shows the true dark side of the Middle Ages where one would get stabbed or killed for a piece of bread.

This game puts the player  in the life of a 15th century man during a war that happened in history. The game is so detailed that non-playable characters in the game judge based on what the protagonist wears, how clean he is, and whether he has blood stains on his armor or weapons.

This adds a realistic feel to the game. Players must also sleep, eat and socialize to survive.

One thing that was interesting was how Henry must find someone to teach him how to read because that skill can be upgraded and put to use to avoid certain conflicts.

The game is accurate to what a medieval life would be from the scenery and architecture, to the food and drink, all the way down to the clothes and weaponry. Another intriguing aspect of the game is the codex, which explains everything the player comes into contact with in greater context and detail.

The codex allows one who is confused or has a question about a certain group, tool, or person you come into contact with to read about .

Most of the important non-playable characters are people from history, so they each have a biography that can be read.

This game isn’t for the faint-hearted and is not as simple or easy as most games are nowadays. Players can learn to appreciate the brutality and history of this as they play it through and stick to it.

There is a learning curve to it so it may make most frustrated, but gamers must realize it wasn’t easy being a 15th century man dealing with so many things at once.

It seems to be a very proper view of what life was like during these times and the quirks and bugs don’t intervene with the one-of-a-kind captivating experience this game gives.

This game is rated M for blood, gore, nudity, intense violence, strong language, strong sexual content and use of alcohol.

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