Huskies continue to pick up their stride

By Joshua Inglada

The East Los Angeles College Huskies competed in the all-day California State Los Angeles  Invitational track and field meet on Friday and Saturday.

Sophomore Joshua Taylor took first place in men’s long jump. Taylor also took second place in men’s triple jump with a distance of 13.79 meters.

The Huskies faced off against teams from Biola University, Pasadena City College, California State University, Dominguez Hills, Arizona Christian University and California State University, Bakersfield.

This was the second    invitational meet for track and field that the Huskies participated in this season since its meet at Cerritos College Feb. 23 and 24.

The Huskies’ scores ranged from high to low in the events, maintaining a middling average.

“Our performance has been decent,” head coach Milton Brown said. “Our competition’s been pretty good. Nothing to put us in over our head.”

Despite unfavorable weather in the forms of early rain on Friday and cold winds on Saturday, the Huskies stuck it out until the end.

“Now the weather could have been much better, you know, but it was good,” Taylor said.

“I felt good about it and seen some good things in myself and my warm-ups. It was good to be back and take a victory. So you know, that means for track and field, we’re going in the right direction.”

Freshmen Jakob Tilford and Garrison Harris came in second and fifth place for men’s 400-meter dash. Harris also came in fourth for men’s 200-meter dash, while freshmen Kirk Baril finished third.

“I think I did okay. Not my greatest, but we’re still in the start of the season,” Harris said.

“Everyone’s still warming up. Just have to work harder and practice. That’s all it is.”

Taylor’s victory in the long jump set a record of 6.99 meters, the highest in the event.

“I came back and took first place with a jump of 6.99 meters, so that’s about 22.11. So 22 feet and 11 inches,” Taylor said.

“The long jump, you know? I felt good about the long jump. First week back jumping. I set a personal record or season’s best of 6.99. I took first and it felt good.”

Taylor said he was confidant in his performances and looks forward to future meets with his team. Brown said that the team        was finding its groove for the season in the invitational events.

“We got a lot of room for improvement. This is just the beginning of our season. This is only our second meet. So I think that later on in the season, the times will really get fast,” Brown said.

“Plus, today has been pretty cold and windy, so the time’s are not great. It rained a little bit earlier, but it stopped.”

The Huskies plan to compete in the Redlands Invitational at University of Redlands March 16.

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