‘Sparrow’ brings revenge on a cold dish

By Andrew Ayala

“Red Sparrow” is a confusing and amusing spy thriller about a woman who must do what it takes to protect her mother and herself.

The movie is based on the life of Dominika Ergorova, played by Jennifer Lawrence, a well known ballet dancer whose life changes after an accident that breaks her leg.

After the incident Dominika is given evidence by her uncle Ivan,  played by Matthias Schoenaerts, to prove that the incident was indeed planned as opposed to being an accident.

Enraged by the information her uncle gave her, Dominika brutally attacks those who set her up and ends their lives.

Seeing that she is vulnerable, her uncle takes advantage and explains a plan to save her and her mother from getting into any trouble with the government.

The solution that her uncle comes up with only means she will have to change not only the way she lives her life, but her identity as well.

Dominika is sent to sparrow school where she learns skills that she never even realized she possessed.

As the story progresses, the plot thickens and viewers begin to realize that there is a spy vs. spy feel to the film between Russia and the U.S..

Dominika is trapped in the middle trying to figure a way to save her mother’s life and her own.

Initially viewers get an idea that the protagonist cares more for her mother than anything else, which probably sways a majority of her decisions throughout the film.

There are certain scenes where moviegoers can begin to understand the internal and external struggles Dominika is going through such as the external physical pain she endures through sparrow school and the internal pain and torment that is expressed through her facial features and body language.

She not only endures physical but also mental pain when going through sparrow school or when she’s doing spy work.

Although revenge occurs throughout the film, there are more themes than this, such as love, courage and betrayal, which can be grasped by the moviegoer as the film plays out.

It’s interesting to see a love story incorporated especially in such a dark film.

So many twists and turns throughout the movie make the viewer pay attention to detail since the film jumps around at times to obtain a full understanding of the plot.

The characters in the film all played very important roles no matter how little they were mentioned or shown, and the music used was very appropriate for every scene they used it in.

Despite there being a lot of sex, towards the end the viewer may realize that every encounter had a deeper meaning than just pleasure and that all the blood and violence was necessary to keep the suspense up throughout the film.

The movie takes place in different parts of Europe such as Budapest, Vienna, London and other parts of Hungary, which adds authenticity to the film.

This isn’t a typical spy film and the fact that it deals with certain conflicts of today, such as issues with the U.S. and Russia, make it even more intriguing to the viewer. “Red Sparrow” is not the film for everyone but to those who enjoy a good story, violence and thinking a little after the film, it is the right movie. It will definitely be a hit.

This film is rated R for strong violence, torture, sexual content, language and some graphic nudity.

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