OPINION: Via Care offers students affordable health care

By Andrew Ayala

Medical care is not cheap and can be anything but affordable, especially to a college student.

Via Care has a booth outside the library where students can go sign up for free or affordable healthcare.

It is nice to have services like this offered in our community and on campus.

Via Care is a company that has provided healthcare to East Los Angeles for 20 years.

Via Care deals with everything from primary care and dental care, to pediatrics.

Company representatives are willing to help in any way whether it is by answering questions, filling out  applications or even scheduling  future appointments.

It is important that students understand that they can be fined if they do not have healthcare.

According to Covered California’s website, “ The annual penalty is the greater of : $695 for each adult and $347.50 for each child, and up to $2,085 per family.”

That’s a pretty hefty amount and I doubt college students want to pay more fees on top of the ones they already have.

There are certain exemptions they can find on the Covered California website.

No one ever knows when they are going to have an accident on campus or outside of school where medical attention might be needed.

I personally haven’t had any health care for a few years, so when I heard of this it was like music to my ears.

As I signed up, I realized that many students might not understand what’s being offered here since many people weren’t there.

The two helpers that were assisting me with my application were kind and willing to do whatever it took to try and get me insured.

Despite students having the health fee and being able to get a physical at the health center, it is comforting knowing they have care when they aren’t in school.

Some of the services Via Care offer include HIV or STD testing, physical examinations, cholesterol and diabetes screenings, and even treatments for disorders such as depression, grief or neglect.

This is very important because not many medical offices offer all of these services ,especially as     we get older.

As college students, we all have different backgrounds and upbringings, which we may not have had a say so in.

Now that we are forming into adults and must take life into our own hands, it is up to us to make use of the services that are offered to us at a low price or free.

Most of the people I know that aren’t insured are afraid to make the next step.

Many aren’t aware of the information and help out there and don’t know what first steps to even take or are simply ignorant to the fact that we need healthcare to live and not be fined.

Students should feel safe on campus and be able to do whatever they can to help better their education and lives. If you do not have healthcare but are interested, its a good idea to visit the booth between classes or after your day is done.

For more information or to sign up for Via Care, visit the booth outside the library or contact their headquarters directly at (323)268-9191.

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