Badminton suffers second defeat

By Noe Ortega

Badminton lost its second consecutive game, 21-0, in the South Coast Conference last Wednesday against Pasadena City College at home.

“We see some improvements because this year, the majority of our roster are new girls and one of the things we need to do here is to tell the girls to be more competitive and not to give up,” East Los Angeles College Badminton Head coach Qui Nguy said.

PCC dominated East Los Angeles College in both singles and doubles by only playing to the third match once in both categories. ELAC Freshman Lingxuan Gu won one out of the three sets 21-17, but ended up losing to PCC freshman Grace Bajar 9-21 and 17-21.

The other set was in a doubles match between ELAC freshmen Zhaoyan Zhang and Shouzheng Zhang against PCC freshmen Jessica Lee and Pinky Cheung. ELAC won that first set 21-13 but lost the other two 14-21 and 13-21.

“ We need to do more drills and be more physical. More getting ready endurance because basically right now, they’re not moving as much as I want them to,” Nguyen said.

Badminton hasn’t nine new freshman players this season and only one player returning                 from last season.

Chinh Chu Lai is the only returning player from last season and was ranked number seven in last year’s roster but is now ranked number one in this year’s roster.

“We didn’t know how tough PCC were going to be since this was our first game of the season against them. Our performance could’ve been better but we have to work on it,” Lai said.

Lai lost both her sets in singles and doubles. With scores of 2-21, 4-21 in her first singles, 4-21, 0-21 in her second singles, 9-21, 6-21 in her first doubles and, 7-21, and 4-21 in her second doubles.

Nguyen believes that last week’s loss was a lesson for his team to encourage them to play better and learn from their mistakes.

The Huskies  new players are Haoyan Zhang, Lingxuan Gu, Shouzheng Zhang, Mohan Tang, Xingming Hou, Thuy Tran, Chi Bach, Bianca Ortega, and Xuedi Li.

This was the first time since April 2015 that badminton lost a game without winning a set and the last time that happened was against PCC.

ELAC badminton hasn’t been able to defeat PCC since April 2014 when they won 16-5 at home.

The Huskies next badminton game will be on Friday at 2 p.m. against Compton College in the small gym.

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