Softball recover after conference loss

By Noe Ortega  

Softball won its 10th game of the season after a 8-4 victory against Compton College yesterday at home.

The Huskies extended their lead in the bottom of the sixth inning after a run batted in double from freshman infielder Julie Granadeno. Sophomore infielder Jessica Hernandez and sophomore outfielder Monne’t Manning scored East Los Angeles College’s last runs of the game.

“We all have that confidence. We’re all athletic enough to know how to comeback from whatever. It’s a game so things like that are gonna happen. It’s how you recover and I think we did a good job on that,” Hernandez said.

Sophomore outfielder Dominique De Alba hit a sacrifice bunt but a mistake from Compton freshman third baseman Riah Nunley, allowed De Alba to get to second base. Hernandez hit a ground ball toward centerfield to bring home De Alba.

The Huskies had the lead for the majority of the game, but had pressure on them after their lead was cut short in the top of the fourth inning.

Hey batter batter—Sophomore outfielder Natalie Acosta (14) bats at a Compton College pitcher throw at yesterday’s victory ,8-4, at home. CN/Noe Ortega

With a player on second and third, Nunley hit a home run with an RBI double to make the score 5-4. Freshman infielder Michelle Boyer and freshman outfielder Yazzmine-Arrington Edwards scored the runs.

“They’re good. They can hit, they don’t give up and they keep playing. That’s what I told our girls when it was 5-4, they won’t stop so we need to score more runs. Before the game we reminded them (ELAC) that we were almost half-way through the season. So these are going to be the situations that they’re going to have to overcome,” ELAC head coach Erika Blanco said.

Blanco switched pitchers this game with freshman pitcher Angelita Villalvazo starting and freshman pitcher Majisty Shomo as relief pitcher.

Villalvazo pitched for four innings and ended with one strikeout and four earned runs. Shomo came on in the top of the fifth inning and ended with a strikeout and allowed two hits.

“I came in and finished strong. They came out better than they did the last time, wanting to beat us, but we held our ground and we played Husky boss,” Shomo said.

ELAC had a five run lead in the bottom of the third inning after sophomore infielder Sara Serrano smashed the ball toward center field that brought home sophomore infielder Samantha Alvarado and Manning.

Sophomore outfielder Natalie Acosta hit an RBI single so that Hernandez can score the third run of the game.

“We played well. We’re all coming together and it’s taking time but I think we are all pretty much focused and today’s game was a success. As long as our momentum stays up then we’re set,” Hernandez said.

ELAC took the lead in the bottom of the first inning after the bases were loaded and Acosta got an RBI single after a walk. Sophomore shortstop Angelina Gonzalez walked to home plate and scored the first run of the game. Serrano batted after and was struck by the ball and walked. So that Manning could walk to home plate and score the Huskies second run of the game.

ELAC visits Pasadena City College tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. to improve its record in the South Coast Conference-North.

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