Husky softball continues to struggle

By Stephanie Guevara

Defensive errors from both teams resulted in a softball 4-2 loss against Mount San Antonio College on Thursday at home.

As a result of a defensive lapse from both teams, it wasn’t clear who the winner would be until the end.

After East Los Angeles College failed to turn the game to its favor and Mt. Sac regained momentum with a two-run home run in the seventh inning by sophomore first baseman Michelle Banales.

Mt.Sac starting freshman pitcher Briana Wheeler started the game strong, striking out the first three batters.

Wheeler pitched a complete game, having five hits and nine strikeouts.

In the third inning, Mt. Sac sophomore catcher Carissa Felix got a base hit from a ground ball that went through ELAC sophomore second baseman Samantha Alvarado.

Two at bats later, Mt. Sac sophomore third baseman Ciara Granado hit a run batted in single, allowing Felix to score.

Sac bunt—Sophomore second baseman Samantha Alvarado hits a sacrifice bunt on Thursday’s home loss to first-place team of the South Coast Conference-North Mount San Antonio College. cn/ Stephanie Guevara

With players in scoring position, Mt. Sac freshman left fielder Candace Haliburton hit and run batted in single, to make the score 2-0.

In the bottom of the third inning, ELAC noticed Mt. Sac’s defensive struggle and took advantage.

ELAC sophomore designated hitter Sara Serrano led the inning with a hit after an error from Mt. Sac sophomore shortstop Nikki Soto.

“We came out with insurance… Our defense was not all there, but our offense and pitching did good,” Mt. Sac Head coach Rubilena Rojas said.

Husky sophomore Mone’t Manning,center fielder, hit an RBI single, shortening Mt.Sac 2-1.

After ELAC scored, Husky batters got comfortable at the plate and recognized the  pitches.

“Because the kid was a rise ball pitcher, you want to get strong top hands so you can get the ball on the ground,” ELAC head coach Erika Blanco said.

ELAC’s offense got better in each at bat, but they weren’t able to score.

According to Blanco,freshman pitcher Majisty Shomo had a strong appearance in the game.

Shomo pitched a complete game, with 10 hits, one strikeout and one homerun.

“The last game against them, I had them a little tighter, but to have them score only four runs on me felt pretty decent,” Shomo said.

“We need to come out stronger and end the game stronger.” Shomo said.

In the bottom of the seventh inning with bases loaded, ELAC freshman Julie Granadeno had the winning run at the plate.

Granadeno hit an RBI single, where sophomore left fielder Dominique De Alba scored.

Although ELAC gained momentum at the end of the game, it wasn’t enough.

ELAC ended its losing streak on the road on Friday against Glendale College, beating them 11-5.

On Monday, the Huskies extended their winning streak by defeating Mount San Jacinto College 18-4 at home.

ELAC is among the top 16 contenders for the playoffs with an overall record of 17-15.

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