‘Truth or Dare’ fails across the board

By Frank Portillo

“Truth or Dare” is an unoriginal movie that is marketed as a horror, but fails to deliver anything scary or even a worthwhile story.

The problem with the movie is that none of it makes any logical sense.

With four credited screenwriters, the story never gets engaging enough to warrant attention.

The movie follows the most hateable group of friends who have no redeeming qualities as they venture to Mexico for Spring Break.

The protagonist of the film, Olivia (Lucy Hale), acts as the moral compass of the group of unlikable characters.

She gets her group of friends involved with a complete stranger named Carter (Landon Liboiron), who gives them the idea to play a game of truth or dare.

In the game, he reveals that he lured them in order to pass off the game to them like it’s a virus and warns them to adhere to the rules to avoid being killed.

When the group of friends return home, they each experience possessed people who continue the game by asking them whether they want to choose truth or dare.

The game begins to tear the group of friends apart as they are forced to reveal and do things that have huge ramifications on their friendship.

One by one, the friends get killed off in horrible ways, likening the movie to the gruesome “Final Destination” series of films.

Also starring in the film is Tyler Posey of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” and Violett Beane, who often appears on the CW’s “The Flash” as speedster Jesse Quick.

As a matter of fact, “Truth or Dare” is a straight up rip-off of “Final Destination” and “It Follows.”

It lacks in originality and never develops characters worth caring about.

Even the protagonist, who spends the entirety of the film establishing herself as the only character with any morals, is revealed to be just like her friends by the end of the film.

Actor Hayden Szeto plays a closeted gay character with a homophobic father.

In a movie titled “Truth or Dare,” viewers can figure out what’s going to happen well before it does which is one of the many reasons why this movie isn’t worth seeing.

Even the violence isn’t anything special.

Typically, in a movie with characters dying one by one, at least the deaths are clever and gruesome. None of this can be said for “Truth or Dare.”

The writers must not have known what to do with the end of the film, because what transpires makes no logical sense and feels like a cop out.

“Truth or Dare” is not worth the time or money that it takes to get down to a movie theater.

In fact, it probably shouldn’t be viewed at all.

“Truth or Dare” is rated PG-13 for violence and disturbing content, alcohol abuse, some sexuality, language and thematic material.

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