Club offers religious connection for like-minded students

By Joshua Inglada

Mind Above Ministries is a club on campus that promotes the message of faith from God.

The club is affiliated with the City of Angels International Christian Church.

“When we meet up, we usually have our Bible discussions. Sometimes we sit around and play some games, like board games,” club president Jorge Alberto Jr. said, “It helps people get to know each other and get more comfortable.”

The club sometimes gets together to perform acts like visiting homeless shelters to help out and doing community service by picking up litter.

“We’re trying to do more (community service). We’re trying to plan with another club so we can do more charity events,” Alberto said.

At every meeting, club members discuss the different stories in the Bible and talk about how they can apply the verses to their everyday life.

“It’s all for those who seek God. It’s entirely based off of what the Bible says. We have talks on what’s said in the Bible and apply it to a modern context,” club member Marvin Alcantara said, “We hold discussions where people can come in and discuss how the Bible supplies these lessons to our lives.”

The club members meet  in the cafeteria Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. They also meet there on any day  around 1 p.m. if they have any questions, or wish to talk.

“If they want to talk or join, anyone can come in. We’re here to offer help. We encourage anyone to come and visit the                                               club if they want to better their relationship with God,” Alcantara said.

Free food and snacks are served to club members during meetings.

Although the club usually meets indoors, sometimes the members gather outdoors to sit on the grass in front of the E3 building.

Alberto wants the club members to feel comfortable in spending time with each other during discussions.

“Our goal is to spread the message of God’s love. That’s why it’s important that we show others kindness,” Alberto said. “If someone wants to join us, I’d tell them that we’d accept them, you know? They can join if they find us interesting or if they want something that’s going to be faith-building and family-building.”

While Alberto was the club president before spring break,              club member Fernando Hernandez is set to take the role of club president soon.

The club has to meet with their advisor later this week to                     decide on new club roles.

So far, the club consists of five members. Alberto said he hopes that more students will take an interest in joining the club and hearing              what they have to offer.

For more information on the club and their upcoming events, visit their website at

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