Cinco de Mayo event to be turned into Multicultural event

The Associated Student Union Board voted to turn the Cinco de Mayo event into a multicultural event during their meeting on Friday.

The ASU Board had previously voted to support a Cinco de Mayo event that would have taken place on May 7.

The Theater Club is set to be reenacting the Battle of Puebla during the multicultural event. Due to the change of event, more details are yet to come out as the event date gets closer.

The Board had previously denied the budget for a Black History Month, and accepted a budget of $1800 for the Cinco de Mayo. Since the event is now a multicultural event, the board also voted to upgrade the budget back to $3000.

The Board also accepted a budget of $500 for the Huskie Garage club in the Automotive Technology department that will cover their food expenses.

“We compete against other schools nationwide (and) our main obstacle is passing tech inspection to make sure our vehicle is safe enough for the competition,” said Alex Saavedra, President of the Huskie Garage club.

Saavedra said their focus is on building a one-person vehicle that gets the most miles per gallon possible.

“It sounded like a lot of fun. He had actually asked me (to) be the driver, but since I do not yet have my licence, I had to deny,” said ASU Secretary Summer French.

The Board took a look at the voting that students had for the graduation emcee. Dr. Rin Kahla was the professor that students voted the most. She has yet to confirm her role in graduation once the ASU Board proposes it to the Graduation Committee.

“Since I do not know Dr. Kahla personally I only know what her students say about her. It does seem like she is a pretty good person to MC,” French said.

Just like the past meeting that took place in the South Gate Campus, members of the ASU Board said they want to bring more events to the South Gate Campus to give equal opportunities to all students.

Next meeting is on Friday at 1 p.m. in F5-209.

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