New dance concert playing soon

By Cristal Gomez

East Los Angeles College Let’s Dance Company will present the 13th Repertoire Dance Concert on May 18 at 7p.m.

This year the Repertoire Dance Concert will have various performances such as jazz, hip-hop, contemporary and modern dance.

The performance will be directed by Kimberly Rabins. Each piece will have a different cast.

“There will be 18 dancers from the Let’s Dance Company who will be performing 12 pieces. The dancers practiced for over five months,” Rabins said.

Robert Huerta is the assistant to the directors for the production,  Huerta has been dancing for four years and will perform in 10 of the dances. Each piece has a different message. Huerta will be performing a solo piece titled “Bud.”

“‘Bud’ is my personal favorite piece from the concert. It will be my time to show off who I am and how hard I’ve worked all these years practicing. I am also excited to dance ‘Dancing.’ For this piece my two best friends will be along my side performing,” Huerta said.

The dancers began rehearsals during the summer, each week they practiced roughly 12 hours.

“I’m excited to present the entire concert! One of the pieces I am looking forward to seeing the audience’s reaction toward ‘I Won’t Give Up!’.

“This piece was created for this company many years ago. There is a special meaning behind it and it is extremely important to me as the choreographer,” Rabins said.

Ruby Lugo Flores is the dance officer for the Let’s Dance Company. Flores has been dancing for two years and did four years of color guard in high school. The dance movements she learned during her time in high school were similar to the dance style at ELAC. She will  perform in nine pieces during the concert.

“I’m very excited to see ‘Falling Slowly.’ The entire company and I have worked hard on this lyrical piece. I think it is a beautiful song and the choreography fits perfectly. This particular dance is a group piece and I am one of the dancers. I have an emotional connection when I dance this piece. I think of my mother and the hardships in her life and she still is positive and resilient no matter what happens,” Flores said.

The concert this year will include various alumni who will participate in two performances.

“The group we have this year is very talented and enthusiastic. The audience will see their passion for the art form on stage and won’t want to miss these beautiful performances dedicated to the art form of dance,” Rabins said.

Admission will be $15 and will be held in the Performing and Fine Arts Complex S2 Recital Hall.

Metered guest parking will be available on the fifth floor of the P4 parking structure on the corner of Floral and Collegian.

For more information contact Kimberly Rabins at (323) 265-8740.

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