OPINION: Online dating lacks commitment

C/N Jose Conrique

By Kaleen Luu

The Internet has made it easy to meet new people, but it’s come at a cost.

Online dating is ruining our dating scene. Thousands of people are able to network with just a quick download of an app, or easy online sign up.

There are a plethora of dating sites to choose from. From the tried and true Match.com to the simplified app Tinder.

It’s no wonder that in this age, so many people don’t think twice about ‘ghosting’ someone.

The act of suddenly disappearing on someone you’ve been talking to, ghosting, has become far too common in the dating scene.

According to Fortune.com, over 80 percent of millenials have been victims of ghosting.

Everything seems to be going good.

You’re having fun, and then one day you wake up and realize your message failed to send.

They’ve blocked your number. The person you were talking to has vanished from your social media and you’re left hanging.

Online dating is toxic because it makes it too easy to play with people’s emotions.

People don’t even realize how their actions are affecting the other person because, well, if you block them with a click, then they’re gone.

People don’t consider the consequences in this era because maybe it happened to them too. They justify it.

It’s skewed our perspectives. Online dating opens you up to so many different people.

It’s kind of overwhelming. So many choices.

The Internet has made it into a game. How many people can you connect with?

Online dating is ruining the dating scene because people get caught up in playing the game and being in a cycle of flirting and meeting a handful of people.

Don’t worry about trying to commit to anyone here. They’re probably talking to five other people, too.

“Keep your options open,” people say.

It’s what Askmen.com calls the Swiping Syndrome. Swiping Syndrome is making snap judgments about people based off the half second you spend glancing at their profile.

With apps like Tinder, people swipe right on the profiles they like, and left for the ones they want to pass on.

Prospective partners are reduced to a pile of people that we’re kind of interested in, but maybe                      don’t want to commit to because, ‘What if someone better comes along?’

It’s okay to make a choice.

Stop waiting and playing games  to see if it’s possible to meet someone better.

It’s important to remember one thing: these are people too.


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