ASU meeting discusses ways to help students in need

By Michael Dominguez

The Associated Student Union held an open meeting with various amount of topics about
creating a food pantry for students that are need of food. Along with free textbooks for students accessible online for free.

Along with Amsterdam Paris Student Abroad program being suspended for a moment after going over budget.

The Amsterdam Paris Student Abroad program welcome their new members to the program with a welcoming party but went over funding that was assigned to them.

The program was on the non satisfactory list for going over funding and not attending meetings that a club counselor needs to attend but are now off the list from being in a bad standing after  ASU agreed that if they had got the original funding they had ask for, they would have not went over budget.

They were removed off the bad standing list with the agreement being that members of the program would agree to help with upcoming events for the school such as the upcoming Graduation or other final events held at school this semester going forward.

One of the two ideas that were brought during this meeting was the OER program and that program is where all the professors use the same book and its free for all the students and it’s online and open to all students who need the book for the class.

The problem is that not all professors want to use the program and its hard to find a book that all professors can agree on using for the same curriculum for their classes and having to teach professors how to use the program if agreed on would take some time to get the whole school on board.

The second topic that was brought on was about creating a food pantry on campus for students that are homeless or can’t possibly afford to eat. his is still a proposal and is awaiting approval by Vice President Julie Benavides who is also the President of Student body services. The proposal was made by Destiny Hernandez who is also the Chief Justice of the ASU.

The way they would get food for the Pantry is by asking the local markets to give away goods for donation and the way it would work if a student in need of food goes up to the booth where it is on campus they would be given food no questions asked.

The plan is to have both of these pantries if possible available at both the main campus and South Gate campus if a deal gets done. They will also run a tester of the program in the summer to show how effective it can be and ready to go once school starts if approval happens.

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