Athletic Department splits workload with two new directors

James Hines and Robert “Bobby” Godinez

By Joe Dargan

Robert “Bobby” Godinez and James Hines were named co-athletic directors by President Marvin Martinez in the wake of Al Cone’s abrupt resignation after  19 years of service.

“I bowed out gracefully and respectfully to let the new regime take over in any way they see fit.” said Cone.

Godinez, who’s also beginning his third season as the East Los Angeles College head football coach, will assume 80 percent of the athletic director duties, while Hines, ELAC’s baseball coach, will take on 20 percent  of the responsibility.

Godinez’s contract states that during the 4-year tenure process if an individual is chosen for a 1.0 release, a description given to positions like athletic director which will require 100 percent of Godinez’s time to be spent outside of the classroom, that employee will only be able to take over 80 percent of the responsibilities.

The other 20 percent is to be spent in the classroom for evaluation, making way for an opportunity for Hines to fill the gap.

Hines, who has been the head baseball coach at ELAC since 1999, approached President Martinez about the athletic director position for himself, but was informed that Coach                   Godinez had already been chosen.

Hines says he’s still gracious for the opportunity to lend a helping hand.

The athletic director oversees the administration of all school sports. From hiring and firing coaches and other athletic department employees, to fundraising and budgeting.

“I’m overseeing every single sport, including their responsibilities and coaches. That includes scheduling and attending events, as well as making sure student athletes’ eligibility is on track. Basically overseeing everything. Any facility issues have to be rectified. We went through an audit last year so we‘re trying to make sure the  infrastructure of the way things are run is done with better protocol so we don’t run into any problems,” said Godinez.

“I look at it as myself continuing to be involved in the department as a whole. Even if it’s not me, I’m still on board with what’s best for the program, and, more specifically, Coach Godinez’s success. I want to make sure that Bobby is the main voice and that the decisions are coming from him,” said Hines.

He also cited Cone as being one of the best mentors of his life.

Hines was coached by Cone at ELAC in his early years as a student athlete.

Though he’s a baseball coach, his role in the position mainly involves the overseeing of all football operations.

“Myself and president Martinez were wondering who’s somebody that could take that 20 percent load and help me in this process and really oversee some football since I’ll be coaching during the games. I needed someone to manage the event and James Hines was hands down the person that we thought of. It’s way more responsibility                    than the 20 percent he’s getting credit for with all of the work that we have to do during this transitional period. So I want to commend him for that,” said Godinez.

The two men will hold the position until further notice.

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