ELAC Budget Committee aims to fix school funding

By Miguel Barrigan 

The Budget Committee discussed their goal of preparing for the implementation of the new funding formula on Monday.

The new formula is the way the state will decide how to fund colleges and their respective districts.

It will be based on a point system split in three categories according to: current students enrolled, number of students receiving financial aid, and how well students are performing.

Alan Khuu, co-chair of the Budget Committee said, “Our college cannot think of enrollment as the only importance anymore.” Khuu said the college has to be committed to ensuring students are educated on topics such as how to receive financial aid and how to get on the right path to success in a timely manner.

The new funding formula has a three-year integration period called “hold harmless” where the college is receives exactly what they got the previous year, plus the Cost of Living Adjustment. After this period is over, the state will stop the funding of hold harmless.

The Budget Committee also went over their self-evaluation form from academic year 2017-2018.

The committee named contributing to the State of the College Presentation, formerly known as the “Budget Forum,” as an accomplishment. This PowerPoint presentation went over critical information about the academic year that pertained to the budget and its future.

Another accomplishment they wrote on their self-evaluation sheet is giving useful feedback related to a budget augmentation form on eLumen.

This  website says they integrated SIS to create a system for curriculum development, outcomes assessment, and program review.

Some of the members brought up the point that their meetings are sometimes scheduled to happen as they’re waiting for critical information, so a goal should be to schedule meetings in a more efficient manner by accounting for these sorts of factors.

They also unanimously agreed on the goal to update the Budget Committee website this year.

The committee wrote as a goal “implement the new funding formula without watering down any programs.

When asked about what students should expect from the budget in the future, Khuu said, “That’s a tough question because there’s so much uncertainty, but the Budget Committee will be trying to strategically implement the new funding formula.”

Future meeting dates are scheduled for Oct.15 and Nov.19 at 1:30 p.m. in G1-301 AB, unless indicated otherwise.

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