Lack of defense costs women’s soccer win

CN: Kevin Camargo
ELAC freshman midefielder and Rio Hondo College freshman forward Serina Vargas fight to recuperate the ball yesterday at Weingart Stadium.                CN: Kevin Camargo

By Miguel Dominguez 

Staff Writer

Women’s soccer lost its first conference game yesterday 2-0 Rio Hondo College, which dominated the game.

Rio Hondo freshman defender Karina Banda passed the ball to freshman forward Zharria Ramirez, who headed the ball to score the first goal.

East Los Angeles College goalkeeper Claudia Ceja was left standing after the ball was hit to the near post by Ramirez.

“It was a good team effort and everyone contributed to the goal,” said Ramirez.

Rio Hondo freshman forward Serina Vargas scored the second goal from a  deflection by ELAC goalkeeper in the penalty box.

“We dominated the team[ELAC],” said Ramirez.

ELAC was dominated throughout entire game. In the first 10 minutes of the game, ELAC pressured Rio Hondo, but were unable to create opportunities of goal. Rio defense was able to keep the ELAC offense to minimal possession and shots.

Three minutes after conceding the first goal, ELAC’s defense was beaten  by aerial  passes, and nearly conceded a goal that bounced off the post from a header.

“Our keeper is out with a concussion. For the two girls who stepped in for the team, it was nice of them to step up for the team[Goalkeepers]. Obviously, it’s a little bit difficult not playing with the keeper,”  said head coach Tessa Troglia.

ELAC is now 1-3-3 after the loss and they are 0-1 in the conference. Their next conference game will be against Pasadena City on Friday at 2 p.m.

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